Update lock me out of the game!


As usual when an update rules out we are forced to update otherwise we cannot play. Well this time with the release 0f 1.13 update, after the update I can no longer log on. I tried multiple times to go on to the game and it stays stuck at connecting screen for over 30inutes each time but will never log on or connect to server! Is this a known issue with the 1.13 release!?


Went to log on today and it tells me I need and update but when I try to update via Apple there is no update option just open which repeats the cycle! Any options to fix this?


Sometimes itunes store is difficult. Close app store and game, then open appstore and refresh it, sometimes it works


When I try to open the game, I see “You should update tha game”.
When I go to AppStore, I don’t see button “update”, i see only button “open”.
This situation have repeated twice (this update and previous update).
Why don’t you give access to game for those, who can’t update?
Please, don’t show message “You should update” until update will exist at AppStore for all gamers.


Sometimes the updates don’t show for me. That’s when I go to App Store (I’m iOS) and pull down to get the store to update. That’s how I was able to see the last two updates. Maybe it will work for you? :slight_smile:


I’ll try next time, thank you for the idea!


New release. The same problem. Refreshing AppStore doesn’t help.


Im having the same issue


Same thing happened to me. Game booted my down loading troops. Now can’t get back to game. This is day two.