Update Issues so far

Hopefully people will see and be able to fix.
*raid issue
hero’s images & when I choose a raid Ilook at the opponents team and go into battle when it starts 1 of their hero’s is either missing an image or there is a completely different hero all together.
*Food bug / glitch
Not sure if anyone else on here does but some have said they have the same issue on a different topic I posted about on here.

  • providences
    I would normally go to to farm recruits backpacks or even experience has drastically lower. Not sure if the devs did this intentionally as a way not to allow farming on those areas anymore or what but my go to ones were 8-7 5-8 5-7 12-9 & 20-3 and I’ve definitely noticed and I’m sure others have as well. This could be a way to market loot ticketing but it sucks.
    Today is a Goblin King 6
    deals 100% damage to all enemies
  • it killed my Delilah ((level 70 with 1130 health)) 2 two hits ((not even using his special))
  • it started me out with 40 seconds
  • during last 5 seconds screen goes Blurry and poof their gone and it’s over
  • Missing titan time- it will first appear 21 hours & 59 mins to kill it. During the last 9-6 hours it will immediately lose 2-3 hours instantly. Has anyone else had this issue?

Feel free to post any other issues

I had that happen also plus I am getting this again

But I can play still

Had this happen couldn’t play for a week I hope it don’t happen again​:persevere::hushed::tired_face::confounded:

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Raids HUGE issue is when a hero has 0% life and 0% Mana and all the sudden is at 100% mana and still at 0% life. Then uses his special ability at 0% life and is STILL alive afterwards hello 0% life means DEAD. But here’s the screen shot photos I took of it happening thank god I was recording the battle. First image shows 0% life and uses special ability and is still ALIVE even after. He never died and I lost the raid battle. Sounds rigged to me


This image shows 0% life but is able to use his his special ability that magically appeared from 0% to 100%

Another issue titan flag timing. At 7:26pm it said the wait time was exactly 2 hours and 30 mins for my next flag. Now at 1:35AM it says I still have 24 mins . First let me say No I didn’t use a flag in between that time because 1- I used my last flag to kill a titan. The titan was defeated so there was NO titan to use it on. I have screenshots with the time stamp to prove this as well. All these issues and no responses makes me closer closer to quitting the game. As a high spender I can take my money and go to a different game that’s not small giant.

You should submit a ticket to support - SG support does not respond to the forum…

Thanks I have already

The two pictures you used both show a TINY bit of red (HP) on the HP/mana bar, yet the info screen says 0/1545 HP. Color me confused. :confused:

J’ai actuellement le même problème,je suis tout le temps déconnecté du serveur même en Wi-Fi…j’espère que cela sera vite résolu…

Today there was an update it made me install today. I was already running 1.12.
I brought a lot of gems over the weekend and now I can’t even connect to my account I’m about to request a $269 refund from my bank cause I can’t even log in now

The update is 1.12.1.

It is the war matchmaking update:

Yes and this morning it made me do another update 1.12.1 aside from 1.12.
and since that update I haven’t been able to log in or even connect.

Do you see this in game:

(Don’t post your account number on the left).

I can’t even get it to connect to get to that. I got this in the Apple store

Looks like the Apple version 1.12.1 just copied 12.1. I’d go with the change log from the FAQ (see link above)

The thing with the life (0hp) is normal. Horghall isn’t dead because the burn of Azlar didn’t trigger yet. It triggers at the end of his turn. The lifebar shows the hp for end of the turn, so to say after the burn triggered.

You can test this yourself: Just leave a Hero or a monster on low hp. Then match some tiles that fly at the Hero/Monster to kill it and immediatelly check the lifebar. Long before the tiles hit the mosnter/hero the lifebar says 0!! It just works as inteneded. As you can see your Horghall had some red % on his lifebar. Also his mana didn’t appear out of sudden. The second picture you posted happens before the first picture (you can also see because your heroes are under the roots of him on the first picture).

Hope you get my point;)

The burn was places on him over 4 turns ago

Azlar burns over 6 turns. And the turn you recoreded he was killed by the burn at the end of the turn AFTER he fired his ultimate.

Horghall never died during the entire battle after he used his special he still remained alive at 0% life. He has 0% life before and after he used his special