Update Issue

Hi, everyone !

Is anyone experience problem after latest update 22.1.2 ?

I cant enter the game, it says that I need to update game and transfering me in Google play (and there is message that "this app isnt available in your country)

I wroted to support but no answer Screenshot_20190827-104403_Empires

Actually i have 22.1.3…

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Thanks, mate! I didnt noticed that there is another update.

Thanks again!

Have a team member who also can not update the game, can’t get in cause it says he needs to update, takes him to the store that tells him to open and tells him same thing no update. For your country
What is your advise for him? Is there a link he can use?

Sometimes if I go tot he store and look for updates instead of going through the game, updates appear. Might try that. Might just be coincidence though…

I recommend installing applications only from Google Play. Downloading APK files from third party sources exposes you to serious risk of infecting your phone with malware.

I recommend to disable installing apps from untrusted sources in Android settings.

Do you have Version 22.1.3 now?

Shall i close this thread?

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I cant get in either, says update available, takes me to play store and get message I need to sign in to my Google account and I am. I tried signing out and back in and it wont let me. Build 22.1.1

I do. Thanks. You can close this thread

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Closing as requested by the op.

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