Update: invisible heroes to battle as well Raids still bugged/Rigged again

Update: today I was raiding beat the other team completely then I noticed the game did not end. In fact it continued on as if I was still battling an invisible hero.

So I was in a raid battle and a their hero has 111% life many of my troops of different colors hit him gets more mana But his life hasn’t change at all. He uses his special. 2 turns later I hit him with more troops his life then goes to 0% life 0% mana but he’s still alive. He remains alive at 0% life for the rest of the game battle that I lose. This issue has been happening many many times during raids and even with update 1.12.3 it’s still happening I’m really starting to believe it’s not a bug at all. :frowning:️ I miss the way the game was 4 or 5 updates ago lol

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I’ve never seen this situation. You should create trouble ticket

I have not seen this happen either… have you got screenshots perhaps @maliciousbuthot?

That is happen to me too only difference is that when I raid i loose than win and when others raid my loots they win if I get one out of the 1 out of the 6 am lucky it just stared after the new updates

This was one of the first times it happened. I posted a topic about it about a month ago. So you can see he’s at 0% life he stayed that way the entire battle you can also see his Mana was at 0% as well as his life. but he was still able to regain mana even though the entire time he was at 0% life. he never died battle was lost.

Different battle. Here he’s got 111% life left. He’s about to get hit with troops after he does his life never went down but his mana went up. There are no buffers or anything at the moment.

The photos upload out of order but you can see the troops coming for him hitting him and eventually his life gets down to 0% but he doesn’t die

They won’t load and post in the correct order as you can see from the bottom of the screen when play. He never died battle was lost. I have more battles with the same thing I’ve posted in other topics on here that got closed or moved :frowning:️. Having to rebattle hero’s that have died and are invisible is also a glitch

Very weird indeed! have you tried to report it to support?

Yes but I’ll keep on reporting it again. Hopefully it’s a bug/glitch

Here’s another one cyprian 0% life yet still takes on a ton troops 0% life gets 100% mana at 0% life and even uses her special at 0% life and still lives another battle lost

It all works as intended. I already told you in another thread how you can proof it. I‘m not quite sure if you refuse to listen to people or if you are just trolling all the time…?!

Rude much? I’ve contacted support about it as I’m not the only one that it’s happened with. But all that aside I’m not sure what “trolling means” but on the context you used it in it doesn’t sound Polite. So how about if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all :expressionless:
I get what Troll means but there’s no deliberate intention to Provoke a offensive or provocative reply back. This is where people can ask other people questions about the game.

I already solved this issue but you don’t wanna listen. Check google for trolling you might find it out. Support won‘t solve anything here because everything works as intendend… whatever keep spamming the forum I‘m out of this -_-

Maybe you should google the real meaning of “spamming” have a good day

It‘s at least the third thread youre posting this meaningless pictures into :joy::joy:

Don’t you have anything better to do than taunt and harass people? You’ve made your point now go on.

I would suggest, that you upload the whole video for us, that way it would be easier for us to see how the bug really happens :slight_smile:

today I was raiding beat the other team completely then I noticed the game did not end. In fact it continued on as if I was still battling an invisible hero. Here’s some screen shots with time stamp !