Update In Australia?

Hi all, just wondering if there is anyone is Australia who has the new update? I might be sounding stupid because I don’t quite understand much about how the rollout of updates work but is it country based or is there something wrong with my device? :face_with_monocle:

I’m in Aus and I’ve had the upgrade since yesterday. Seemed OK from my end…I have a fellow Aussie in my alliance and his too is working fine with upgrade :blush:

Greetings from Portugal some of my players are from Brasil and had the same problem i believe it was because of each mobile we have , i have 2 androids and both made the update at the same time like others players from my alliance but some with IOS didnt get that lucky only 2 days after

Yeah all good :slight_smile: It came through. The OP can be closed :slight_smile: