Update idea for the pirates

First give captain Kestler some kind of buff. He’s the captain and captains are suppose to do everything possible to keep his ship and shipmates alive. Give him a defence buff. If that’s not going to happen captains are also suppose to be the the last ones to abandon ship give him a talent that if he dies before the rest he revives with 20% hp if the last hero dies.

New pirate with the ability to steal and use a targets own special against them and makes the target a hotage. If the caster is hit the hostage is hit with the same amount of damage or if the hostage is at 25% or less hp the hostage is executed.

Both the hostage and the special theft and hit may be too much and make the hero to powerful so one or the other would be cool.

SG is introducing two new heroes for each event soon. This also comes with a slight buff to all existing heroes by also including a family bonus for each set of heroes. I totally agree that some of the existing event heroes could use a tune-up as part of this process. Kestrel is certainly one of those heroes who has become outclassed by newer heroes like GM, Mitsuko, and QoH.


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