Update for half and not the rest

Half of my alliance is on version 15.2 and there other half is on 16. Why can’t the rest of us update? Some of us can’t do revenges because of this. I just want mine updated

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Use search before posting:


Not a bug.

Devs roll out the update for many reasons

=Apple must approve all apps before release in the App Store. Google Play lets Devs do immediate updates.

=Apple requires a 100% roll out. Google Play lets Devs roll our 5%/ 10%/ etc. Which lets them cancel an update when bugs slip through before the entire live player database is corrupted and requires fixing.

=May players need WiFi to download the app, and have to get to a WiFi network.

As for revenge:

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I have Google and more then half the alliance has Google. Some that have Google have the update. Have gone to try to update and it is not there to update

Yes, that’s how it works. Everyone does not get the update at the same time. Just wait patiently. :slight_smile:

Usually I get the updates on both my tablets at the same time. This update I’ve only got it on one so far.

Normally I don’t even think about it, this time I’m eager to get those few little recruits in the raids so I’m obsessively checking for the new update every 30 minutes.

Pretty sad of me :persevere::disappointed_relieved:

I’ve been checking every six hours. So far, no update for me.

Patience, y’all. It’s coming. :slight_smile:

I find it ironic that the last two updates, which I didn’t care about one way or the other, I got almost immediately, while the one with features I really want is the update where I’m still waiting at the back of the queue. Oh well. Such is life.

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Everyone should be made to update, just like I was… Now I can’t revenge…

Believe me, I’d just love to update and use some otherwise useless raid flags to get recruits. When I get the opportunity to do so isn’t something I can influence though. It’s all in the grasping claws of Google as to when their staggered release system finally drops the update in my lap.

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amen :+1:
I am always one of the last people to get the update, SG / Google sends mine by snail mail :wink:

But never mind, it will arrive …

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glad to see here that i’m not the only one. using android, htc

no maj available, but weird, in the store, i can see the pic of presentation uptated with halloween theme…

hoping that everyone will can update very soon…

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