Update failed

Yesterday you forced me to update the game, but i can’t, i get te same message over and over again. Is there a solution or maybe i have to uninstall te app?


I have the same problem here…please advise


That looks like an error from either the device or store where you get your update. Try this. First, power the device off, wait 10 seconds or so and then restart it. Then, don’t start E&P but instead go to your store (Google Play or Apple) and find your apps. Directly update from there. Make sure your device has enough available storage.

Hello, I encountered an update error on the 17th of June and couldn’t update for 2days. When I finally updated I missed out on 2days of my VIP treaties (60gems and 6loot tickets and the others) I wasn’t compensated for it. Also, there are times I initiate an attack especially raids or revenge and when I have poor network, I lose both my raid points and all despite winning. I think it should be a stalemate once this happens and the raid points not removed.

You can certainly submit a ticket to support, but I’m pretty confident they won’t provide compensation for either of those things, since those are both issues with your device rather than the game.

I believe that the reason they don’t allow a draw on lost connections is that people would exploit it by simply killing their connection every time they didn’t like the way a raid was going.

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Thanks a lot. Finally got it updated. Just unlucky to get hero of the month.

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