Update Changes!

Does any one else has noticed that LJ’s skill effect icone has changed after the update?
Its kinda cool cause before it was a bit confusing.
Loved that from devs … Ty SG.
Let us know if any other changes to the heroes skill effect icons have changed guys.


Good point but does this interfere now with other heroes with mana control like Proteus?

I don’t have him.
But why not some one who does just post some thing!


OK, this isn’t the same specific skill like Proteus.

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It clashes with Alasies lower, undispellable constrict, but I don’t actually know if that was the case before or not. I would guess that the two have never been able to stack, just never thought to test it.

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L J and Natalya clash, completely different affect to Proteus and Hansel.


Dude what exactly is this stage! Looks cool lol xD

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Mine was season 2 9-10, windshears post was, I think, season 1 14-7


Alasie and hel can stack so I’m assuming lj and proteus can as well

Yep that’s correct. 10 points to griffendore!

Sorry checked again it’s 14/3

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So are you Mantis from PS?

Is that 1-14-9 ?

It looks like the stage where I go to find boots.

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