Update challenge coin design

The challenge coin needs to be updated to contain the symbols of league of villians and so on.

the challenge coin design is fine for now.

So fine for now means fine with being non current to the games current state? Making everything current makes the games flow feel better.

There’s going to be 10 events eventually. It’s silly to design a new one for each event as it’s released

We can just say the coin depicts the 5 ORIGINAL events

@Salazzlebread, I believe what @Kairhe may be eluding to is that the current challenge coins (Pentagon with 5 events each corner) are fine for now because of what SGG has planned down the pipeline.

If the game is eventually planned to have 2 challenge events for each elements like @Shunt have said, or even 2 more FFA (no specific elemental barrier) events to make a even 12, one for each month of the year (this latter part is just speculation on my part), then they can choose to redesign the coin then, to be either a decagon or dodecagon, but the sides will be so small it will be so hard to see the symbol for each event, won’t it?

What would be worse is that instead of re-designing the coin to be usable for all challenge events, SGG consider having each event having its own currency. :scream_cat:

They can make a coin with one design that depicts a challenge coin uniquely instead of having every design on it. That way it can be forever and need not be changed.

Also that would suck lol one coin for each event.

What they really need - in-game calendar of events and normal in-game chat to duscuss it. Coins is OK with current design. Especially if you have a lot of them :slight_smile:

There are a lot of QOL changes that us hard core fans would like SGG to implement. This is somewhere near the bottom of that list.

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But nonetheless on the list.

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