[UPDATE] ButterflyMetamorphosis project

ButterflyMetamorphosis is totally new project for multiple alliances with the smaller acting as training alliances and allow lower players to learn from the top experienced players and to work their way up to the bigger alliances.
Preformatted textWhen we fill that team will create another 3 teams where people can migrate between them depending on their free time, their needs, strenght, mood, etc. Like the butterfly goes through a life cycle. A butterfly has four stages in its life cycle. Each stage is different. Each stage also has a different goal. A butterfly becoming an adult is called Metamorphosis. The life cycle process can take different time in our case. It depends on the type of butterfly. :wink: All of them will be connected to the main chat room and will have access to all others too. Will not have access only to Leaders and Co-leaders chat group if you are not one of them of course. :slight_smile:
Preformatted textFirst 6 girls who join “the tribe” :slight_smile: and the first 6 guys will be automatically promoted to “Elder”. Come and join to can build not one, but 4 strong friendly and supportive teams and to have much fun together. The idea is to become friends, to be like a family and who knows, can find your perfect match in some of our chatrooms. :wink: Let’s make it more fun, not to be just only one virtual fantasy game, where we go when get bored. The game life is not only digging 8-7 or 12-9 on the map…Lol :stuck_out_tongue: How we fight together, the same way we can chat, talk, videocall and have fun and later when we know more each other, why not to travel and visit our new friends from the game, to become a business partners or to find the BIG love… :slight_smile:
1. Use all your flags on the Titan within the first 11 hours.
2. Use all your 6 flags in Alliance Wars
3. Have big fun in the game and in the chatrooms :slight_smile:
*The promotions will be based on participation. Being active in wars and titans will get you promoted to “Elder”. Not being active will get a demotion. Communication is the key for this alliance, so it’s OK with members missing Titan hits or AW due to real life situations, but please notify about absences and inactivity.
_ **No requirements for Team power, Trophies, Hero Level._
When we create the team core will promote 2 or 3 co-leaders, depending on the time zones. _
_ ***!!!Someone voluntary to do recruitment or war planning, giving advices and help with knowledge and own experience to support the weaker players to can we grow all up together? If doing good, will get promoted of course!

Each member is important and have voice in the alliance.
Everything is negotiatable. Feel free to contact me for questions or suggestions on Line ID: monarch_metamorph or here in the forum. I want to see a real brainstorm here, great discussions and hope you to feel so excited for the project like me! Thank you!

For less than 3h, we become 4 and good ones. :slight_smile: Continue joining to us, we’ll become one very cool team. Thank you!

Today finished our first AW with one BIG WIN. Why so big?! I’ll tell you. :slight_smile:

Because It’s really not bad for a team who was created before 2 days and a half ago totally from the scratch and which is fighting with one guy less/he participate in the war and all was counted in the matching, but he left/ than the other stronger team in the war! Right?!!
I’m so proud of the core of the alliance who also killing the Titans one after another. Some of us are just reached tc20 and from here we will have one bigger push to build our stronger teams. We also have newbies. Everyone is welcome- no matter of the trophies, levels, etc. We dont care if you are male, female /personally I’m big fan of females :wink: /, some other gender :), if you are lame, blind or deaf… Black, white or yellow, if you want purple or pink - It’s OK! lol Of course I’m joking and don’t want to offend anyone. Still have few places! We are still recruiting.

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