Update/Balance Event Completion Rewards

First off, sorry if this was mentioned in another thread, but I did a search and all I found were ranking reward threads.

That being said, I enjoy gathering information provided by others and storing that information in a personal spreadsheet so I only have to go to one place to find what I’m looking for. In doing so, I noticed that there is an imbalance of challenge event tier completion rewards. If you were to complete all of the difficulties in Wonderland, Grim Forest, Teloc, Avalon, and Corelia, you would obtain 4 sturdy shields, 4 trap tools, and 4 warm capes. The imbalance comes with the other 3* ascension items. You would get 5 orbs of magic but only 2 hidden blades. Also, you would get 5 compasses but only 2 fine gloves.

I would like to suggest that the rewards for completing all difficulties in all 5 events net you 4 of each unique 3* ascension item (warm cape, hidden blade, etc.), 4 fine gloves and 4 compasses.

Also, the only 4* ascension item missing from the seasonal events is the mysterious tonic (which would make a nice addition to the Springvale event, since the only available ascension item is currently a sturdy shield).

You should post your spreadsheet before the trolls come out to play. It would be very nice to see a “professional” sheet detailing it so people can quit calling me out to lunch because it’s just a conspiracy theory. I’m not good at data collection or I would do it myself.

Would be great to see balance.

Good idea, thanks!

*Please note, this was designed for function, not fashion :smile:


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@Mariamne Special thanks for providing the images used to gather the rewards information from this post: 🌿 Memento seasonal event

No problemo man. Glad to help.

Interesting to see a huge hole in Tome of Tactics and Damascus blades. Not sure but I think they are rather important for ascending 5 stars. Great spreadsheet. Nice and simple.

The only place to gather Tomes and Blades is from both versions of Farholme Pass, which appear much more frequently (and are much easier to obtain). I’d like to see them added to the reward tiers too, but didn’t want to seem too greedy :laughing:

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I don’t think it is greedy or too much to ask that there’s a couple more guaranteed spots for those. Lord knows it’s gotta be a cold day in hell and all the planets aligned to get one from rng. Who knows, maybe if those mats were easier to obtain, they might actually get more money out of me. Don’t see the point in doing pulls for heroes I cant use anyways.