Update August 2020

This latest update i would generally sit with about 2700 trophies I run a similar defense to the top 100 but since this update I have dropped out of diamond tier and also the boards have just got worse I’m just interested am I just going through a bad period or are others seeing the same problem

What defenses do you have? Sitting regularly on 2700ish cups and then kicked out of the diamond arena only says that you inadvertently or accidentally set another team as your default defense, or you just logged off for several days resulting to your expulsion from the said arena.

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Checked to see if I had wrong defensive team but still running this one

Just 11 level of emblems and 16 level of mana troop it’s not 2700 anymore. I have no Telluria, but my defence team is 4500+. I am on 2500+ cups. In last 2-3 days I was attacked more often than before

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I agree.

@JIM With all due respect, those heroes at those emblems and those troops at those levels, any regular players sitting at the diamond arena would be having a field day on that defense of yours. I believe you were at 2,700 cups before logging out the game. That defense MAY and CAN get you steadily to lower diamond or high platinum but maybe you were just revenged many times by those who you raided before, stealing more cups than what you had gained when raiding.

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But I was getting more wins than defeats than before the update i agree regarding emblems but why such a difference since the update

yes I am being attacked and loses more than previously before update

Players more prefer to attack not full emblemed Telluria’s or non-Telluria commands now. For Telluria in center much better non-mana troops

One thing that works to me is to raid others the less i can. I only revenge. That keeps me in low diamond with a non top def team.

In a fury day , those days where you are constantly attacked is normal to drop to 23xx but its easily recovered by revanging


You got knocked out of diamond with that team? That seems odd.

I was just complaining the other day how I keep getting knocked out of diamond every time I log off, but currently I’m still holding in diamond even after being attacked a dozen or so times.

And my defense team completely sucks compared to yours.

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I used to enjoy raiding when I started this game just over 2 years ago.
The reward chest was good for rewards not just the iron and ham.
Nowadays players just do it for the cups - not sure why but if that’s your thing it’s all good.
I have noticed that things have got worse since POV. You will get attacked more in my opinion.
But for me now, today, I don’t bother with raids so much. I just do the revenge stuff. I prefer the raids in the tournaments- more fun and sometimes nice rewards

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I raid for the Hero missions and get better rewards in diamond tier but at the moment just can’t get a decent board and defence can’t hold its own

Fully agree. Raids are much more plentiful, and there are too many conservative folks reaching ‘down’ in team power to get ‘easy’ wins to fill the POV box.

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do you think its worth putting GM as tank and replacing telluria with Kingston

For the record, I’m not even cup dropping. Quite the opposite. My defense team is far stronger than any of my color stacked attack teams. My defense team is under 4.2k. They’re not heavily emblemed, nor do I have any high level 4* troops.

EDIT: Only one of them is a HotM. The rest of them are vanilla. One of them is a costumed 4*. LOL.

Okay, in fairness, the 4* does have 18 emblems, so that one is a bit emblemed.

That defense will keep you in low diamond or high platinum, depending how much raids you do on a regular basis. But don’t expect to muscle your way to 2700 and be able to hold on to your cups. You’d have to play almost 24/7 to stay around that number of cups with that defense.

I assume you’re referring to JIM’s 4382 GTV team? Seriously? A team like that should have no problem staying in diamond. My team, I’m not surprised at all when I get knocked out of diamond.

Honestly I’m shocked any time I log in and see that I actually gained cups. That shouldn’t happen.

The issue with being on high cups is that you can get attacked simultaneously by multiple people, and for each loss you lose as many cups as if you still had 2700.

E.g. 10 people with 2400 cups attack you simultaneously, 1 of them loses and you get 10 cups, 9 win and you lose 450.

That’s the main reason why you fall from a high number of cups much faster within the same number of defense losses.

Yup, that one. I have a pretty similar team and stay in low/mid diamond pretty easy. But give it a few days without winning any cups and I’ll be in platinum. So it really depends on the activity level of the player.

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Huh. That’s kind of crazy. Because my team is much lower than that, and usually I drop out of diamond every time I don’t raid, but the last couple of days I’ve been actually gaining cups when I’m offline. Which is weird, because seriously, my defense team is really not that good.

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