Update and tutorial bug


Hello guys
Im from Brazil and until June 7th i couldnt upgrade correctly my game.
I had installed the new version (1.4.1) and until now, every time i open the game, the tutorial for the new troop building didnt appear. I had already deleted and downloaded the game again and nothing changes.
I use an Iphone SE.
What can i do? May you help me somehow?
(Sorry for my bad english, tks ^^)

This are the screenshot of my game, you can see that i didnt have the option to install the new troop building.



To install the new barracks building, you need 1) a lvl 10+ stronghold, 2) click any lvl 5+ bldg and CONVERT it to a barracks. (You can change it back, so long as you are not currently building anything).

Once you have the barracks, you can upgrade your troops, much in the same way you upgrade heroes: by feeding the lower level troops to the ones you want to keep.

You need to upgrade your Stronghold first. :wink:


Thank you Rock!!
Why isnt this on the 1.4.1. version review???
Well, i will improve today, thanks :smile: :sunny:

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