Update Alliances database please

It would be nice if we could go to the list of alliances and select things like:
-open alliances < 30 and have a list starting with alliances with 29 players
-1000 cup requirement with a list of open alliances from 1000 to zero

The purpose of doing this is so that when you go to look up alliances, you’re not running into an endless list of zombie (dead) alliances or ones that are full that you can’t join.

Please add any other queries that you can think of for the Alliances database in the E&P game.

I would also like to see that you can select language as well :grinning:

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Anything Small Giant does will be an improvement. Right now it’s a dog’s breakfast-- we can’t find anything in there :clown_face:

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Perdon pero tengo un reclamo y no encontre foro en español, bueno el problema es que en las tiradas x10 de tropa epica o de heroes epicos nunca salen los legendarios, por lo menos tendrian que asegurarnos tener uno de 5 estrellas y no solo que salgan de 3 estrellas y en lo de las tropas pasa lo mismo, nunca uno solo de 4 estrellas. Bueno espero me entiendan y me den respuesta de este problema o lastimosamente tendre que desinstalar el juego aunque sea bueno no significa que te estafen con los heroes

Google Translate is your friend.
“Sorry but I have a claim and found no forum in Spanish, well the problem is that in the epic troop or epic heroes x10 runs never leave the legendary, at least they would have to make sure to have a 5 star and not just come out of 3 stars and the same thing happens with the troops, never a single one with 4 stars. Well I hope you understand me and give me an answer to this problem or unfortunately I will have to uninstall the game even if it is good does not mean that you cheat with the heroes.”

Build the training camp at your base to level 20 and then you can draw for free as many legendary heroes as you like.

Moderator: please move the last 2 entries to another thread or just delete these entries entirely–these are completely off topic.

I was wondering about building a collaborative recruitment DB myself that allowed searching for an alliance via traits, but it would be based entirely on each alliance adding and updating their own info, and as such could fall into disrepair easily.
I was thinking basic alliance requirements would be made into properties like:

Min Trophies
Min Team Power
Number of non-active days allowed (consecutive)
Number of non-active days allowed (monthly)
Outside Chat App Required?
Titan Hits Required?
Number of Titan Hits Daily Required
War Required?
War or Opt-out Required?

What other properties would you want to see?
Also, I think there would need to be a Zombie field, but that may need to be limited as to who can check it, I’d have to think on that one, because that seems ripe for people to mess with.

Just thoughts I’m kicking around, no clue how doable any of this is.

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I think it would have to include the ability to add new records by anyone, but updates would have to be on request, and require higher permissions.