Update Alliance Wars

Here are the reasons why I think Alliance Wars need a makeover:

  • all other aspects of the game have somehow evolved or changed since its inception but that;

  • who hasn’t lost mostly to poor boards rather than actual defenses due to waves and waves of unfavorable colors?

  • at a very high level most players in alliances just duplicate identical defenses with certain OP heroes which makes war dull as you need to defeat the same defenses again and again and again;

Personally, I would like to see the following at highest War levels (ex: top 100 and above):

  • In offense, heroes can only been used once. By that I mean no dupes. For instance if a player uses a hero for one flag it cannot use a duplicate of the same hero for future hits. I think this would open up the game, bring some variety and force attacks to be more imaginative and dig deeper into their roster while evening odds at the same time. Otherwise it is easy to dominate when you have multiples of certain dominant heroes like Sha, Xie, C Hathor, Luna, Change’s etc.

  • In defense, same thing. No dupes in defense setup. I realize this will not solve the copycat issue in war defenses that I mentioned earlier but at least I think it would bring variety as well and avoid defenses stacking the same heroes like double Sha, double Luna, etc.

  • In addition to the set number of points earned for defeating a defense (which is solely based on team power), I would add a difficulty factor based on the number of waves of favoring colors obtained during the attack. My point being that at a certain level you can defeat any defense with enough favorable colors, which makes war attempts all too dependent upon whether you get favorable tiles. Therefore by earning difficulty points based on how many favorable colors you got during your attack it would factor it difficulty. For instance, say you kill only 3 heroes out of 5 with very few favorable colors then you earn the corresponding points + extra points for difficulty. Same outcome with an easy board you would just earn the points for defeating 3 heroes and no extra points. Say you completely fumble an attack and fail to kill any hero then you would get a donut + difficulty points if you had very few favorable colors.

Those are just my thoughts. No need for aggression or sarcasm if you disagree.

Some f2p players have duplicate classic heroes to reach 5 full teams


I would welcome new wars supports. But I would reject all of your suggestions.

What happens to players that already have multiple copies of the same hero maxed? If you can’t use them in war, they would be wasted. Besides, the same game allows you to summon multiple copies of the same hero, how can it then stop you from using them?

Defense would be a different subject, more feasible in my opinion. But as you concede, it’s probably not the solution to the problem.

Score based on tiles would be a mess. What constitutes a good or bad board? Simply the number of tiles you get from that color? What about placement?

So I’m not hating you, only the ideas themselves.


So has war. Equalizer, Rush, Undead Hordes were added to war a little while after wars started in the game…

Same with raids. The boards play the biggest role in whether you win or lose

That’s a stratergy and a pretty effective one at that. Opponents rarely try to make things fun for their opposition if they want to win a war. Annoying if you’re fighting against it? yes, of course. Sure you try to make your war team as annoying as possible for whoever attacks you to defeat too

This idea would mostly hurt the F2P & C2P crowd Top spenders and those with deep rosters would not be too bothered by such a change.

Same as above. This would mostly hurt the F2P & C2P crowd. Why do you hate them so much? (I jest). To be fair, many like when teams double up on one colour in defence. Makes the attacker’s job a little easier usually

No, It’s not based on team power at all. It is solely based on team health. More health equals more points unless you’re in a lone wolf alliance

This reads like you want to make points earned based on RNG too. I’m not a fan of that idea. I like knowing how many points I’m going to earn for a win especially as (To the sheer annoyance of my alliance, sorry) I tend to hit very late in war. Like last 2 hours late in war. Knowing how many points I would earn for a win is pretty vital at this point. If we’re winning and our opponents are out of flags then it doesn’t matter. However, if our opponents still have flags left and the scores are tight or if we happen to be losing and the scores are tight then out comes the calculator to help decide who I’m going to attack. Knowing who is worth what is vital at this point & I’m not sure RNG getting involved would be productive.

I do agree that some update needs to be made to war but I’m not sure about the above opening ideas. I’ve heard the idea of a rotating tank colour ban floated around which could be good. Very tired of purple tanks every war. Banning a particular tank colour in each war could make things intresting and force a change of an entire team without having an unbalanced negative impact on any particular player group.
Maybe add a new war mode or replace one with something else. I know many are not fans of Rush Wars. A Bogged down version where all heroes are set to Very Slow could be interesting too.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:


True. In top 100 too?

f2p don’t have a roster as deep as top 100

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Thanks. So to briefly answer your questions:

  • what happens to players who already maxed duplicates? Everyone playing long enough has duplicates maxed. Especially at top 100. And that’s the whole point of this. Create variety and have players use most rotation in attack. Plus, there are still have other events during which dupes could be used such as W3K, MT, League, weekly Raids tournaments etc. So dupes are in no case wasted.

  • if defense, implementing would be much easier as you said.

  • what constitutes good or bad board? Well, that’s easy. The total number of dominant color tiles generated all through your attack. I am sure you know a good or bad bad when you see one.

With all due respect, there’s not much new about your replies. Many people level heroes mostly for war. The other events you mention are not enough.

So you consider a good or bad board based on the number of strong tiles. I think that’s oversimplifying it. Placement is imo equally important. Thus it’s hard to quantify.

I maintain that, while wars would welcome a revamp (new modes, more diversity), your suggestions don’t do it for me.

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Thanks for sharing your views.

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I am not in favour of removing the right to use duplicate heroes in war … that’s just not right and is certainly unfair in my opinion.
And I don’t like the sounds of “difficulty” points, for me that just over complicates things which isn’t necessary at this point in the game …
However, I am open to trying or testing changes to the existing war format…
So for example …

  • removing a colour completely on defence or offence
  • removing all 5* heroes from war defence or offence
  • removing special skills like healing and resurrection for war
  • etc
    Just my two pennies worth, but worth a try

Thanks for sharing ! I do like the removing of a color idea. That could provide a fresh feeling to wars indeed.

The rest of your suggestions is interesting to me as well although they do resemble features we already have in weekly Raids Tournaments.

Add 4* and 3* ‘only’ wars.

Tournaments of 4-3* are funnier than the 5*.

Pls do not mess with wars!
Wars are very very important for the adhesion of alliances. Removing one color will favor the defenses!
You stack the color without counter snd you have the first advantage in defense, if the board shows a lot of the missing color, its the 2nd advantage. Bigger spenders have more and better troops so again this would hurt f2p/c2p way more.
And about 3*/4* wars: look at the 3* and 4* tourneys, do you have 6 battle ready teams with a chance to defeat these defenses for 3* and 4* ?

We would all have to buy hero slots and emblems and aether to get there. Many would quit instead!

No No No! Live with the wars like they are, nothing against slight improvements, like a small bonus to offenses to mitigate the effects of 5* troops and LB‘s a bit. Maybe like in W3K with increasing buffs on 2nd and higher attacks, but more tuned down than there…

Happy gaming


That’s a good idea. A far of 3 stars would open the roster and bring variety. These guys never see any action but raids tourney.

I do get that a change to war rules can be emotive… but they are stale (at least for me) as they currently are …
I am not advocating wholesale change indiscriminately but I am open to a few tested changes in Beta…
I personally am sick to death of multiple purple tanks, +20, 2LB with legendary troops, so anything that encourages players to think outside the box and try something new is good …
I am also old school so started the game 5 years ago by building up 6 war teams of 3 star heroes followed by 6 war teams of 4 star heroes and then focused on my 5 star heroes… that’s what a lot of players did way back then … but I did buy slots as my roster size increased, I didn’t feed anything away not even my original Bane …
So for me, it would be easy to introduce 4* wars that you could use your roster of 3* heroes in … why not give it a try …
I am also open to testing (Beta) the removal of colours in war and rotating the elements…
If it’s tried and tested properly and it’s positively received then it really shouldn’t have a detrimental impact on alliances
Just my two pennies worth of course. But so much has changed in this game, and continues to change so let’s have a look at what we can do with the war format


I have 290 heroes. Only 31 are 5*. I have meat enought.

3 and 4* wars sound bad.i would skip those

I only have 228 heroes, but 86 5* heroes, 70 of them maxed.
In 3* I have only enough for challenge events and tourneys, many outdated, only few have emblems or are LB1, only two LB2.

Same with 4*, only a few healers and support hegoes I use(d) in wars are Lb1 and only Goldie LB2.

3* and/or 4* wars would put tremenfous presfure on many players in competitive alliances.
Five or six years ago they had a 2* tourney once - the more advanced players hated CB it to commit ressources to useless feeder heroes, so it was scrapped. Hopefully we will never see something like this again. At the top its only 5* heroes who are important, 3* and 4* are good only for challenge events and some tourneys and hopefully this will not change. It would cost SG a lot of income if they change this, because paying players would leave.

Happy gaming

That is worth more than two pennies if you ask me ! Thanks for sharing. And I am 100% on board with you that seeing the same defenses again and again and again is not fun. Anything that makes players think outside the box as you put it is very welcome to me !

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Skipping war is sometimes bot an option depending on what type and level of alliance you are in.