Update 38 : Rectify Rare Titan deadline description

What is the logic for previous full Rare titan rewards in any alliance being less than 12 days to become eligible for Rare titan reward in current alliance?

Going by the 24 hours aspect mentioned…My understanding is, one has to be in the current alliance where Rare titan pops up & time difference between previous full Rare titan reward should be 12 hours… instead of the previous deadline of 24 hours.

Unless I am missing something !!

This was introduced to prevent rare titans mercing. It is “less than 12 days since you received a full Rare Titan reward in a DIFFERENT Alliance”, so if you dont switch alliances often, this will not affect you.

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All discussion was in this thread. But I don’t see typo.

Can you pls explain to me what does the 12 days mentioned in Version 38 mean ?

@PasasHill : This doesn’t make any sense, bcoz, making anyone staying in an alliance for a specific period / 12 days is odd, just for the Rare Titan.

When a Rare Titan will show up is NOT clear, hence, it becomes a guessing game, which is not fair…

When I read the earlier 24 hours rule… My feeling is, that, the mentioned 12 days is a typo & instead it should have been 12 hours…

You might want to read the thread @Ruskin505 quoted, especially this post by Petri.

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Read it all… the 12 days aspect doesn’t fit in with anything… I would urge you to read & see it for yourself.

what is the context for the 12 days rule?

Earlier deadline to be in the alliance where Rare titan pops up was 24 hours…

12 days rule between full Rare loot … is this point required ?!

If you go to another alliance and kill a rare titan, you cannot receive full rare titan loot from a rare titan from any other alliance for 12 days.

This entire game is unfair. It’s unfair that mercy’s are getting titan loot in so many alliances while others who don’t merc do not. Fairness is just something to say when one group is punished regardless of any other reasons.

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If you’re asking why is the logic 12 days and not 11 days then I doubt anyone other than staff could help. If you read through the discussion thread you’ll see this does came from a player and improved upon the situation.

But you’re not going to get exact logic as to why this number was chosen.

Hence I have out the 12 days rule in this post… as it doesn’t make sense to me… & my guess is, it might be a typo…
Maybe it is what SG wants it to be… So, I still believe in clarifying the doubt…!!

Short of staff conforming this is what you’ve got. Sorry it doesn’t match what you like.

It is much better than 24 hour rule from v37, because:
In my current alliance, most titans get killed pretty quickly, so there is at least one flag left I can use to get some food and iron by mercing (if I want to). With the 24 hour rule, I could not do that, because I could not know if the next titan will be regular or rare (I would get reduced loot from rare because of that 24 hour rule).
With this update, I can leave alliance and use spare titan flags to get some food/iron, and if the next titan that spawns in my alliance is rare, I will not get reduced loot.
NOTE: I very rarely merc, so neither of these two rules affect me, but for the players that do merc, this 12 days rule is better.

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LoL :grinning:

Since 6 weeks I have been off mercing & don’t plan to start anytime soon…so this rule doesn’t impact me AT ALL !!

If you or anyone read, will see, that, I m SIMPLY inquiring if it was a typo of 12 hours instead of previous 24 hours
12 days between 2 loots…

I feel, 12 days between loots is too long a period…hence clarification sought here…

All rationales being provided are welcome… BUT, my query is simple & not so complex, that I don’t understand things…

I did think about your mentioned point too…
felt 12 days is too long & one will have to maintain some kinda record / info :grinning: which is comical to do in a game
I haven’t mapped duration between 2 rare titans…
Is it less / equal / more than 12 days ?!
the 12 days will create another issue of Rare Titan spawning in alliance before 12 days & this rule coming into play !!

It applies to different alliance, not the same alliance.

@dansing you complained in a lot of posts about why this is unfair and illogical, but have you actually read about what you are complaining?

  • If you stay in the same alliance, that rule doesn’t bother you because you will get your full loot even if a rare titan spawns only 5 days after the last.
  • If you are a merc it doesn’t bother you, because you never get the full loot when killing a Titan that has already been there when you entered the alliance
  • If you are in an alliance and go out mercing, this doesn’t bother you because if you kill a rare titan or not, you don’t get the full loot during mercing, and when you go back to your original alliance you will get the full loot from your next rare Titan whether it’s 12 days since the last or not

There are two different situations where this bothers you:

  1. When you change alliance. I have no idea how often somebody switch their alliance but I don’t think it happens every day. If a rare titan appears in your new alliance before the twelve days timer you have bad luck and will loose one time full loot
  2. When you are hunting for rare titans, that is pretty much the reason why this rule is implemented. That people can’t kill a rare Titan every day in a different alliance and get a lot more emblems and unfarmable mats (at least the chance) than people who stay in their alliance or are just “normal” mercs.

So this change, 12 days instead of 24h, is much more player friendly, you can now still merc and get your full loot from your next rare titan and it solves the problem Sg was addressing with the 24h rule even better ( I’m not sure if that needed a fix but it seemed some alliances who were targets of rare titan hunters appreciate it, so no complaint from me)


Thanks for the detailed explaination @ferg.

Makes sense.


I read about the different alliance aspect…
my issue was with movement in less than 12 days robbing one of the Rare titan loot
LoL :grinning: point got jumbled with many aspects being discussed about 12 day cooling period.

Thanks for all points made / explained here on the post…

You will get full loot in the same alliance if rare titan spawns in less than 12 days from previous (and it usually does). It is in case those two rare titan loots are in DIFFERENT TWO ALLIANCES.

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