Update 21 - visual changes

What does everyone think of the visual changes to the game with the new update?

Visual changes…? Still waiting for the update on IOS, hope the change doesn’t mar the beautiful esthetics of the game

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Changing the game name to Lord of the WarCraft Dollar-Dollar Bingo was unexpected but a welcome improvement in accuracy.


I kept it cryptic to see if other players noticed the changes. I was doing a raid and kept saying “why does it feel different?”.

I don’t have the update on my other tablet yet so I could compare them.

Anyone else is having the training camp countdown appearing and disappearing constantly?


Yea spit some coffee on that one @JonahTheBard, could have used that mouthful of caffeine too!! :joy::joy:

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Ah I noticed that and thought I was crazy. The countdown comes back in a bit though… like the game is trying to load it.

Enqueue/dequeue a training to get it to appear. Irritating.

This is the only thing that stood out to me. Selecting the vip dragon color at will.

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The background for the raids and missions has changed. The black border is gone, there is more field and our heroes are on a larger brown board.

Surely I’m not the only one to notice that?


The brown field next to the own heroes is only on some devices. I have this on my Galaxy Tab S3 tablet, but not on my (BQ) phone. On the tablet I think there are more changes but it’s possible I remember the old version incorrectly. But I think the opponent heroes are smaller. Also on the fortress screen all buttons at the bottom of the screen are now visible on the tablet (On the phone due to the limited width only part of the menu buttons are visible at the same time)

I guess it’s due to the different form factors, so it seems to have changed for 4:3 tablets but not (so much) on phones.

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