Update 20: new version - old bugs

So in this game it developed that the more it is updated, the play becomes worse and worse. I will not mention about the selection of rivals for the war, which broke in version 15 and still have not done anything, but I will describe the new bugs discovered by me, as well as the old ones that have not been fixed since the creation of the game.

New bugs:

  1. In the description of the Alliance now is not working the font size, what would be the percentage I was not present, the font remains the same;
  2. for some reason, began to disappear my posts in the chat I typed the message, sent it, in the chat appeared, but after a few minutes I did not find it.
  3. I think the developers have started fighting the game with one-color teams. If in the 19th version when I play one-color teams, 75% of battles were winning, now I win only 15-20% of battles! For example, in the previous Alliance war, all the tops who updated the game to version 20, complained that the game as if deliberately does not give the crystals the right colors, in the end they all scored a maximum of 150 points! All the tops that remained on the 19 version during the war scored 250-300 points. This was manifested both in us and in our opponents! After the war, I went to him in the Alliance, talked to them, and they confirmed my version. A similar situation develops in the raids!

Old bugs:
4) In the war of alliances reappeared a bug when I defeated the enemy, and in that moment, when will appear the inscription “Victory”, the game throws me, and when I come again, I scored 0 points and the opponents alive!!!
5) In raids again began to show a bug, when I attacked the opponent lost, and if the opponent at this time is included in the game, I without warning immediately to pick up another opponent!

Very old bugs that have not been fixed yet:
6) after updating the game, I can not in the raids to take revenge on opponents who have not yet updated the game. In the end I had to wait 4 days to get back at them! I’m a programmer too, and I don’t understand what the problem is with different versions of the game???
7) if the opponent is in the game, I can’t to get back at him. This is very often used by unscrupulous players! Because of this bug, I also can not take revenge on them for several days!!! I propose to make it so that I can take revenge on the opponent, even when he is in the game, but he blocked the change of the defense team, if at the moment he was attacked!

Waiting for corrections!

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