Update 1.9.5 event


I recently download and install the version 1.9.5 and the event was gone. My friend, as the version 1.9.2, says the event is still visible to him.

Is that normal to happen?

The Challenege Event is not yet this week, we’re currently looking into disabling it in the old version (1.9.2). Apologies for the confusion!
Edit: the counter is now removed from 1.9.2.


@Petri Do I understand your post correctly, that Knights of the round is NOT scheduled for this weekend? We were looking forward to spending the day buried in a blizzard and fighting in the event! :disappointed_relieved:

No, not this week. Don’t worry though, it’s coming next week! :wink:


The new heroes from the event only start appearing on elemental summon after the event start? How does this work?

The elemental summons is replaced by the event summons.


@Razvanvicol22 it‘s all good. No one sees it anymore. It will come back next week.

@Petri you could bridge that time with some awesome ingame offers :crazy_face::slight_smile:

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The update to v 1.9.5 is not shown in the playstore and the gameversion for a new installation is 1.9.2. Are there any problems with the update?

Just hit the App Store for me. Needed to do a manual refresh of the available updates (pull down).

Thanks! Now I was able to update the game.

After latest update I see no knights of avolon challenge. Is it available now or later ?

Next week… …

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Oké. Thanks …

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