Update 1.13 very nice features! Thank you!

Hi, dear devs at SG,

I would like to say Thank You for some very nice features of the new update.

Ability to see who has not yet hit the titan, while the titan is still alive. That player shows a 0 score.

Absolutely wonderful!
It saves the trouble of attempting to compare 2 lists in one’s head while seeing only 1 of them. Or of resorting to pen and paper, in an age of digitalization.

This subject has been brought up in the forum several times.
Thank you for listening to the requests of your players! :hugs:

Leaderboard by country.

Very pleasant indeed, thank you!

Yeah, those players from the US might think “so what”? But if you live in a smaller country - like Germany, my home country - a separate leaderboard for your own country is a nice thing.

Thank you!

Not getting 0 damage when losing connection.
Wow!!! Thank you very much indeed!!!

Today, the following thing happened to me:
I was attacking the titan while I was away from home = no WLAN.
Towards the end of my third attack, I lost server connection. Cursed like a truck driver, of course, expecting a wasted flag and a 0 score for that hit.

I was all the more surprised when I managed to log in again - and found a 20k score for that hit!! Instead of a big fat zero.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
Well done indeed!!!

You did change that, right?
Losing connection used to result in a wasted flag and a 0 score. And I definitely lost connection today.
Oh, and while I am at it:
THANK YOU!! :hugs:

Happy regards


ah … stupid fat fingers on a tiny phone screen …
It is update 1.3 of course, not 1.4

could you please be so kind and correct my fat fingers mistake in the title? Thank you :hugs:

Thank You @AnjaValkyrie! I had not noticed #1 and #3. Both fantastic.

And yes - at least this particular user in the USA is like, meh, on the local leader boards :slight_smile:


I’m complain alot but I really appreciate those new features. Thank you SG! :sparkling_heart:

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Just noticed the Titan hitting list update. Being in an alliance where our leader and most of the co-leaders have gone missing, I was actually quite excited to see the names of those MIA members, only to see the 0 after their names and let out a long and all too familiar sigh. But it certainly make tracking more convenient.

The damage dealt at the time of disconnection will be a good touch. I haven’t had too many of those recently, but will see if that is the case when it happens again. As for if this also applies to AW, it remains to be seen… Either 1. If the connection drops in the middle of a battle and the damage dealt neglected, score is 0 and flag/heroes is used up or 2. Bad connection to begin the match, eventually times out, taking flag/heroes.

Someone else corrected. I :heart:’d your post though. Agree agree!

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If they have gone MIA time to go and find an active alliance give yourself a new chance I. The game

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Thanks, I’m going to try to wait until the summer ends to see if things improve and more members come back. If not, I would probably leave to form my own alliance and see if any of our current members want to come with.

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Here’s to hoping that they FINALLY made some sort of hits list in the Wars that shows how many hits each team (at the very least) and each person (ideally) has taken so far. Going through and counting 100+ hits several times is ridiculously tedious.


Trust me, you can do so much better; I wouldn’t wait that long in your shoes. If you have a decent group of active players who are sick of it, but want to stay together, go ahead and start over, or look for another group looking to merge. (I see posts like that on the AR board here now and again)

FYI, my alliance, which happens to be the first one I joined was formed that way. a core of ~10 who had been an an alliance where the leader didn’t play regularly gave up and started anew. They still talk to a member in the old alliance, still struggling to kill 5* titans. We’re killing 8* titans now, and all is going smoothly. (I’d offer you a home, but we are full, and seldom have more than 1 or maybe 2 openings at a time)

Recruiting was a lot of work early on, but it DOES get better!

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I agree - I’m the tracker in our group and often go cross-eyed after a war.

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Yeah, now I can change my midterm goals from a specific number on the ranking to a specific number in my country, and have the international ranking as a long-term goal.

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The local rankings are great fun. I’m in the top 200 of Dutch players, as compared to being in the top 15.000 international LMAO.

I agree seeing who hasn’t attacked the titan yet is very convenient. This will help a great deal when there’s only a few hours left and you’re wondering whether spending your attack points is going to be worth it.

Now to see what the changes will bring to alliance wars. If it pans out like I think it will, going all in with fast hitters is no longer going to be the best strategy in all cases and there’ll be more use for average/slow speed heroes.

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German is not my native language so I am afraid I might not fit your alliance requirement if communication is key. But I do appreciate the invite though.

…and that’s a big no. :frowning:

On #3 - while I got credit for the 2 kills I had in a raid that I lost connection on that I likely would have won, you still get penalized for the disconnect in terms of taking the loss and losing cups. So step in the right direction for sure!


You don’t lose the progress you did do, whereas won’t be able to just force closing the app if you’re losing to avoid losing cups. I like the compromise.

I wasn’t saying it was a bad thing, just level setting the change.

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I was agreeing with you. I hearted your comment xD

Thumbs up for the update! Welk Done!
I’m not so fond of the new way of scrolling through the hero section though. It doesn’t show the heroes blow unless jou keep scrolling.