Update 1.12

Any idea when this will be rolled … missing the AWs already …



Am missing AWs as well :frowning:


Missing the wars too. Hopefully, this week.


Why do we not know? U would thing their tell us something?

Plenty of info leaked already…AW matching and BEAST titans being a few of the pieces.

I know what is coming … I want to know when.


Then enlighten the rest of us please:D my guess is thursday before the event starts. But its just a feeling of my tummy;)

It would be pointless to post the entire list from beta because there’s very often changes from last beta and what goes into production…and then it’s just one more thing for people to whine about. In general, there are more hero balance changes similar to how Leo was buffed up last time, some titan changes, alliance war changes (both scoring and what’s allowed to be set for defense), changes to mercing (reduced loot if you change alliances and defeat titans within a 20 hour period), and some other misc changes too (i.e. Challenge tiers probably renamed to “rare”, “epic”, and “legendary” so people stop whining about how their 3 week old account can’t finish the beginner tier.


Dante, what titan changes are they throwing around? New ones? Just curious.

I have heard that there might come special Titans that reflect colours for example. But I just heared of it in global chat. And that stronger titans than 10* are introduced

That would be cool. Needs a bit of a shake up, been the same for ages…

You may have heard right

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Yay indeed! :slight_smile:

20 chars

Yep, so happy :smirk:


One new and welcome smaller tweak that didn’t make it into the update notes: New loot is highlighted in the inventory with a +1 tag, even if you already had some of the item in question. Whether the red warning sign on the inventory backpack becomes annoying with the extra notifications may be a question to watch, but highlighting anything new should save on the ‘I got this but it didn’t go into my inventory’ queries.


Hahahaha Elpis! Let us know when you look for a steady alliance (if you will at all)

Finally all my wishes about the matchmaking in war come true. I make many topics about number of the players in alliance and about hero rooster and SG listen to me. Thanks!!!


Promising tweaks and balance checks indeed.

LMAO. Gotta wonder at my luck given that 2 out of my 5 5*'s are receiving a much needed buff.

And that Leo, a 2nd buff indeed?! I didn’t see that coming, the poor man must have a devastated self image, after having needed a buff twice. I mean, seriously, the biggest badge of incompetence a dev can put on a hero must be having to buff him twice? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: Go go Captain Shaven Armpit!

And provide the usual hoggers of prizes with a moral excuse