🗨 Upcoming SG Community Team AMA – Submit Your Questions Here! [no game design questions, please]

Regarding communication and player community:

Is there a way to communicate directly with other players, using their in-game names? It would be nice to interact with the entire community of players, not just the small number of players who are aware of, and use this forum site. I want to be able to reach out to any of the millions of players who participate in the game. Is there a way to do this? If not, will you consider providing one? If not, why not?


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There isn’t currently a way to do that, other than someone offering up their contact information.

In the past they’ve said they’ve ruled out private messaging:

But we can ask about whether that still holds true.



I have question for this Forum system, how limit Vote members works?
I have already seen from Discourse, limit default is 10 vote per member, and count all open topics, so if topics not closed/archived, we always in Vote Limit caps, and I think 10 is small.
I’m not sure how it works, and which one is implement/setting applied here.

This is old, thats why I ask, and what is implement in this community?

Also, the vote topic should be closed/archived if there are already has feedback from SG, either implemented or not implemented, and if needed we can create a normal post (not vote) to continue discuss about that topic. So that our 10 limit vote is not stuck (forever).

Or if there are an options to limit vote not based on open vote topic but based on range date, thats maybe better, so example 5 or 10 vote each month.

Notes: I’m not so good in english.

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These are the limits, based on Trust Level:

  • New: 2
  • Basic: 10
  • Member: 20
  • Regular: 30
  • Moderator: 40

Thanks @zephyr1, that means I’m stuck in 30 votes until those one of vote topic are closed/archived.

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Correct but you can move them around as time passes and things change

Your votes

Votes and likes
(The ability to use Votes and why I have none left)


Do you ever look to any of the Ridiculous threads for inspiration? Game, or life.


On a letter grade scale how would you rate SG staffs communication with the community in the forums in ANY form. I give you all a F for total failure, please be realistic with your answer and why you give that grade.

Nothing about game design huh? I was hoping to ask whether they would see classic heroes getting family bonuses (now that Avalon heroes get 2 bonus stats) like @JonahTheBard have suggested in his thread:

Any way, my “real” questions for the AMA discussion is that…
Are the SGG staff member more involved in the interaction with forum goers here, or on social media platform like Facebook? The Facebook platform seem to be place of announcements (followed by a long line of complaints from players), and more or less weekly/event contests that award gems (answers are public, and of course followed by a long line of complaints from players who don’t win, and players indicates the same players win all the time).

The art contest and march madness event were good ones, but would like to see more contests in the forum.

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Zeph, I would ask the question this way. Many in the E&P community have significant concerns with regards to the Alchemy Lab design. These concerns have been expressed repeatedly in the forums but do not appear to have impacted the final design of the building. Being the Developers representatives responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with the community through the forums, can we get a response from the team about why these major concerns were not addressed?


If you’re shooting for a certain hero, why does, in some cases, take so much money to get a certain hero? I see the odds but what does the developers think?

Example- I spent about $400 to get guin (that was after not getting her in the first 3 events) and $300 in attempts to get Aerial (still didnt get her)


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What is your favorite foreign language post? native language post?

What is your favorite foreign language social media platform? native language social media platform?

Most important commercial software for your team?

Does the team have an official soundtrack? unofficial soundtrack?

Music or music video? fight?

Does the department have a water cooler? Do you gossip around it?

or is caffeine more important? if yes what kind of caffeine?

Who is the luckiest teammate when it comes to avoiding ( on vacation, day off, etc.) team wide emergency crisis?

What happens when a @Petri has a customer service problem with his account? @ScottySG ? Can you just run into a rep at lunch? in the hall?

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This ist he most game design related question you could’ve asked.

I’m sorry to hear that, but as you said yourself:

That should answer your question.

I’m just curious that is all. Doesn’t hurt to ask does it?

Also in the beginning of the thread it says not about game design. I think this would fall under the category of Player Support.


Wait, what about us non-Facebook-sheep? Why don’t we get a chance at gem awards? That’s just platformist. And this is SUPPOSED to be the main platform.


Everybody here already plays this game, no point in marketing on this platform I guess :thinking:

Google translation added by @zephyr1

Goodmorning everyone. I apologize if I write in Italian.
I wanted to ask in what base the Ban is calculated that is assigned to the various users that are reported. And above all are the reports made checked?
I ask this question because I noticed many people disappeared from the Italian global chat, because it was banned and in my opinion and also according to them without motivation.
I wanted to understand the mechanism of ban. Thanks for the answers. Happy Saturday everyone

Original (Italian)

Buongiorno a tutti. Mi scuso se scrivo in italiano.
Volevo domandare in che base si calcola il Ban che viene assegnato ai vari utenti che vengono segnalati. E soprattutto vengono controllate le segnalazioni fatte?
Faccio questa domanda perché ho notato molte persone sparite dalla chat globale italiana, perché veniva bannata e secondo me e anche secondo loro senza Motivazione.
Volevo capire il meccanismo del ban. Grazie per le risposte. Buon sabato a tutti

Please note that per #forum-rules, the official language of the Forum is English. You’re welcome to post in any language in #foreign-languages. In all other sections, posts must be translated to English before posting. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Follow the money … !

Does @Petri really look like Derrick?


He actually does! :slightly_smiling_face:


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