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Moderator’s Note

There have been some great questions so far, thanks!

For people who are posting suggestions or questions about game design, please note that the Community Staff doesn’t have a role in game design, so they won’t be able to address these.

From the top post of this thread:


@zephyr1 you should have a word document with all the things you need to say regularly. Then just copy/paste to keep from going crazy from how many times you have to repeat yourself :rofl:

My question: I think this isn’t game design… would it be possible to get more statistics like what was posted earlier about the most successful raiding heroes? I’d like to see the most commonly used 5* in the game, for example. Those were interesting and sparked a fun thread.


Licensed. Hallowe’en. Costumes.


I have some of the most common things set with keyboard shortcuts on my phone.

The note about the Community Staff not having a role in game design might have to join them, judging by this thread so far. :laughing:

No, that’s a perfect question for the Community Staff!


What is being done to enhance communication between SG and the user community?

Previous release introduced a bug in the alliance chat. It was acknowledged as being a bug after numerous players indicated as such, then crickets for days. Only speculation as to what was really going on. Not even a “we are continuing to work on this, please bear with us” note. That should change.

Related to the above, support should also be included in this as my ticket on the matter was simply closed after it was opened. No communication whatsoever but they were glad to ask me to rate the service I received.

Another that sticks out was the nerfing of Raid Lottery (call it what it is as it isn’t a tournament) to “fix” the mechanism. No communication afterwards and only a teeny tiny notice in release notes that SG had somewhat boosted the loot but were basically done and it wouldn’t be returning to what it was when the feature was released.


Did you ever see this post?

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Thank you. I remember being very pleased surprised when they posted that picture saying the most successful defending and attacking heroes. It sparked a nice thread. I’d love to see more of that on the forum.

  1. Which forum post made you laugh lately?

  2. Do you have someone at Small Giants who plays tricks on other? If so have you ever been a victim (or even master of mischief)?

  3. Will there be more beta invitations soon? With the information public (without Screenshots) more Feedback based on actual testing could be useful.

  4. How many forum posts are made daily?

  5. Are there any forum posts you visit regular?


Staff size

Some accounts are rusty ( 3? ), but 19 staff members are currently assigned to forum


A tripling if I recall correctly

Work flow

This appears to be due to legal. The AMA seems to be the way to make legal, and marketing, happy while also increasing communication.

Not much help, but humans.

Common FAQ

Related, it would be nice to have a new read only, link sub-forum to @Pois1, @Mariamne, @zephyr1 most common post and to the official generic help (https://support.smallgiantgames.com/hc/en-us/categories/115000629465-Gameplay-Help) since Discourse.org is designed to be a discussion board ( one read sticky posts ) and not a reference board.

If more mods were added, a rant sub forum for parking rant posts would also be a forum QoL.



Forum stats

Last 7 days

390 topics
10.8k posts



I personally love the contests on the forum and on social media! Do you guys take requests from the community for contest topics and format?

The format of the current fanart contest is frustrating. At the time of this post, one person is in 1st place in two separate categories and 2nd place in one of those same categories. That’s a pretty strong monopoly. I’m fine with having multiple entries, but maybe we shouldn’t shortlist the same person more than once? The same thing happened in the Thanos challenge.

Can we get some official merchandise? T-shirts, POP! Dolls, stuffed animals (like a plushy baby dragon), knickknacks of any kind?

What kind of non-digital or irl activities could realistically be done? A couple of people have talked about convention meetups. Would SG staff ever consider making an appearance?

Do y’all have any drinking games for frequent posts, comments, which long running topic is at the top of the different categories, reaching a number of comments in a certain amount of time?


Yep. That was only after it was burried in a release note and after outcry over it.

Reactive approach. They need to be proactive.

I agree they can definitely improve communication frequency and clarity, but I’m not sure what you mean about it being buried in a Release Note. I don’t think any Release Note ever said “we’re not making further adjustments to the loot.” I think that one post is where that was announced.

My reason for asking was to better understand whether it’s effective when the Small Giant Staff comments in popular threads.

The fact that you saw that post would seem to indicate that it is, so the objective should be to get them to do that more often, I think.


Will they be revamping the seasonal events and adding more heroes same as they’ve done for the monthly events ? and will they move away from these percentage/health based heroes ?

Regarding communication and player community:

Is there a way to communicate directly with other players, using their in-game names? It would be nice to interact with the entire community of players, not just the small number of players who are aware of, and use this forum site. I want to be able to reach out to any of the millions of players who participate in the game. Is there a way to do this? If not, will you consider providing one? If not, why not?


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There isn’t currently a way to do that, other than someone offering up their contact information.

In the past they’ve said they’ve ruled out private messaging:

But we can ask about whether that still holds true.



I have question for this Forum system, how limit Vote members works?
I have already seen from Discourse, limit default is 10 vote per member, and count all open topics, so if topics not closed/archived, we always in Vote Limit caps, and I think 10 is small.
I’m not sure how it works, and which one is implement/setting applied here.

This is old, thats why I ask, and what is implement in this community?

Also, the vote topic should be closed/archived if there are already has feedback from SG, either implemented or not implemented, and if needed we can create a normal post (not vote) to continue discuss about that topic. So that our 10 limit vote is not stuck (forever).

Or if there are an options to limit vote not based on open vote topic but based on range date, thats maybe better, so example 5 or 10 vote each month.

Notes: I’m not so good in english.

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These are the limits, based on Trust Level:

  • New: 2
  • Basic: 10
  • Member: 20
  • Regular: 30
  • Moderator: 40

Thanks @zephyr1, that means I’m stuck in 30 votes until those one of vote topic are closed/archived.

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Correct but you can move them around as time passes and things change

Your votes

Votes and likes
(The ability to use Votes and why I have none left)


Do you ever look to any of the Ridiculous threads for inspiration? Game, or life.


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