🗨 Upcoming SG Community Team AMA – Submit Your Questions Here! [no game design questions, please]

Is there moderator in game language.
If yes is it only in main language?

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Do you have unofficial account to post in the forum?


The communication between the development team and beta program volunteers is very limited. To the point that it is mostly one-way communication and only in the form of messages from the players to the beta forum an SG email address. What is the rationale behind this and how can it be improved?


Hello here.

How do you become a member of the beta? I have been a player for more than 2 years, and I would really like to participate in the “development” of the game.
I currently run a French alliance.

Thanks in advance

@GianniMK1 Small Giant periodically opens applications for new Beta members, here’s some information from another time someone asked recently:


thanks zephyr1

I hope so SG go to open a new session for this as soon

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Do you play the game regularly? If so,
-Who’s your favorite hero?
-Which hero do you dislike the most?
-What are your alliances and account names ? :slightly_smiling_face:
-Have you ever done 6x10 rage-pulls trying desperately to get Miki but only ended up with 60 three star feeders?

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What is their personal opinion on loot boxes? Do they think E&P should take some effort to move away from loot boxes?


Hey @zephyr1, thanks for moderating this discussion (and others, of course).

Thoughts on Player Groups:

  1. Current alliance size is capped at 30, causing many alliances to create branches and “meta” alliances, such as our 7 Titans. These are solely player-supported structures. What is SG’s thoughts regarding these meta alliances, and has there been any talk to possibly formally recognize their existence in the game somehow? (I realize this is part design, but also part community.)
  2. Recruiting is possibly the most difficult task for any leader, while creating new alliances is one of the easiest (50 gems). With an expanding player base, has there been any talk on changing the requirements for creating new alliances? Say, for example, reaching level 20 and costing 500 gems. This would create more experienced leaders, and force higher commitment to alliance creation, while also increasing potential revenue for SG.


  1. What are the chances of having more advanced rooms in the in-game chat? Many long-term players are now at level 50+, while the most advanced room only recognizes 20+. For example, chat rooms for alliance leaders only, or 40+ and 50+.
  2. A very large concern for players with in-game chat seems to be long-term, contributing players who are banned for murky reasons, or sometimes “revenge reporting” by other players. Can you describe what goes into banning a player, how they are informed, and what structure is in place for them to contest the ban if the reason is untrue?
  3. Right now, the in-game Inbox is used roughly once to twice a month, with most messages only a sentence or two in length. What is the character length to these messages, and can they be used to convey more information on a regular basis? For example: release notes, staff birthdays, upcoming challenge events, Facebook contests, etc. It’s an existing function in the game… why not use it?

Player Support

  1. Can you describe the life of a support ticket?
  2. Tagging SG staff in every post that you want read by them is pretty tedious for everyone involved. Which posts catch your eye in the forum, and which ones are the most helpful to relay back to the rest of the SG team?



Excellent idea! :bulb: :bulb:


There. Fixed it for you.:grin:


Glad to know this is still open for now

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We actually had this one already:


I will remember my questions in 6 months if they are not answered by this AMA


The transcript is posted!

=> SGG Community Staff "Ask Me Anything" AMA transcript - 7 November 2019


oh yeah!!!



I didn’t even know this AMA happened last year LOL . I wish we could’ve submitted questions.

… I went and read it thanks for posting


Also I may have started a topic in wrong place instead of here:

It looks like it happened back in November 2019. Just the transcript was added in January 2020.

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Ahh thank you for clarifying !


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