🗨 Upcoming SG Community Team AMA – Submit Your Questions Here! [no game design questions, please]

We want your questions!

Please post questions you’d like to ask about the Community and Player Support. The moderators and Small Giant Staff will select questions to be answered during our chat.

:exclamation: Please note that while we all have a ton of questions about game design, mechanics, and future development — the members of the Small Giant Staff who will be participating in this session don’t have a role in game design.

:arrow_right: So please focus your questions on things they’re experts on, like the Forum, Player Groups, Communication, Player Support, Contests, and other aspects of the player community.

An Upcoming Chat with the Small Giant Community Team!

Coming up in the next few weeks or so, some of the volunteer player moderators will be having a chat with members of the Small Giant Community Team, including:

We’ll be transcribing the conversation and posting it on the Forum!


What’s an AMA?

It stands for Ask Me Anything, and is a common name for online interviews.

As some people are sure to point out, AMAs are typically live question-and-answer sessions, and there are sometimes few restrictions on the questions asked.

In this case, the questions are being collected and reviewed by Small Giant in advance so they can select which to answer and have complete information available, and the session will be recorded and transcribed for posting on the Forum.

Is this the first time there’s been a chat with Small Giant Staff?

No! We’ve been fortunate to have a few of them before that you can check out:

You can also check out @Kayo’s satire thread, it’s one of my personal favorites: AMAA (Ask me almost anything)

Let us know what questions you’d like to ask!

Reminder: the Community Staff don’t have a role in game design. Please focus your questions on things they’re experts on, like the Forum, Player Groups, Communication, Player Support, Contests, and other aspects of the player community.

Thanks everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:


Some points i would like to see.

  1. Alchemy Lab: Are de Devs Satisfied with final result or theres any slight possibility of rework it.
  2. The plans for Hero Academy, is the Hero academy on development, and the principle will be somehow the same as used for Alchemy Lab? Or is it more “free to play” friendly?
  3. Are the Devs considering some diffrent titans (just not visuals but also diffrent special skills and the rare ones with chance to get Damascus Blades or Tomes?)

These are all excellent questions, but a reminder that the Community Staff don’t have a role in game design.


My bad, still sleeping :monkey_face:

So what do they think about early Alchemy Lab Feedback.


I don’t know whether they’ll comment on their personal opinions about Alchemy Lab feedback, but we can ask!


Why don’t they tell us what heroes will be in the upcoming Atlantis portals? It simplifies planning a lot and I personally would be a lot more tempted to stockpile gems by buying offers for the desired hero. I don’t get it why it’s not known beforehand.


How do the AI works in raids ?
It seems like the AI has more chances to hit the weakest/fullest mana… and is not equitably random.

  1. Just curious to know your gaming background. We all have favourites that influenced us. What notable childhood video games were you each raised on?

  2. How did you end up with these jobs? :joy::rofl:

  3. What aspects of E and P do you like the most? Can you see any aspects of E and P that remind you of your childhood favourites?

  4. Between all the new challenge events and Atlantis, which one, and only one, would you use a ten pull on?

  5. Would you like to see the game implement more ways to get old HOTM?

Thanks guys


why so less iron in the game? ( mine full up advanced to…)
ps: sorry for my bad english i’m french.

Can we get version update information that is correct and complete?
i.e. removing the counter for summons available in the ‘town screen’ was never mentioned. Now the results are that the mods need merge a lot of toppics, Petri needs to clarify and so on.
Can be easily avoided by having all changes mentioned that have been made in the changelog.
Is this possible or are the crew resonsible to share the changelogs with us as surprised as we are that this things changed?


Kia Ora and thank you for opening up the Community Team chat for the ordinary players to have a voice.
I have a question regarding Alliance Recruitment.
Can thought be given to better, more efficient ways to make meaningful contact with new players? It seems to me that most Recruitment Rooms are filled with recruiters or else experienced players. We struggle to get new players into our training alliance relying mostly on referral. I feel that new players don’t have enough knowledge to gain access to rooms where they can find a suitable alliance for their needs to be met and this can mean that they fall into a bad fit. Too many bad fits and they become discouraged and leave the game.


What is your favorite fan communication received while working for SGG?

What is your favorite Empires social media platform?

What is the last Empires social media platform that you check before your day of rest each week?

Besides @Petri, which teammate should be nominated for sainthood ? which for devilhood?

Which teammate is the worst cook? the best?

Which teammate has the weirdest habit when it comes to cursing? swear words or magic spells?

What Staff account command do you really really want to use, just this once, but resist? and why?

What is your favorite hot chocolate recipe?

Does community team have any mascots, live animal or inanimate toys?

Which shoulder lawyer devil do you prefer, the red one with a tail that says “let the Mods handle it!” or the white one with wings that says “I am busy, let @ScottySG handle it”?


Please let us raid/practice against our alliance mates. A lot of people want this. From a business standpoint it wouldn’t make SGG any money, but it would invest new players more in the game (free training!) and give mid-level players/veterans something fun and challenging to do that will never get old. All of those things would make good business sense as they would keep bums on seats, so to speak (bums that may otherwise go elsewhere). :grin:


As we make different sheets and pages ourselfs why don’t you? We have monthly sheets for planning for what’s it worth. Why don’t you talk to devs and publish next month events?

Can you publish pics? We now got illegal pics from beta.

Are you responsible for chat? If yes can you make censoring reasonable? If I say five in Dutch it becomes stars. Five is vijf in Dutch…

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What would be the one improvement you would like to see in the game from a social aspect?

For example (these are all ideas that have been floated around the forums): improved alliance communication or recruitment; new varied chat forums; better training/instruction for beginners; increased alliance titles; inter-alliance chat.

I have no horse in this race myself, but am curious what if any thought has been given along these lines.


Are you happy with the level of staff involvement in the forums? Many players would like to see it increased with more open communication between SGG and the players. Is that a foreseeable outcome in future?


Speaking about recruting for our alliances: The ingame chat is a desaster.
Please think about some smart improvements.


Why is there a section for ideas? Why is there a system of voting on ideas? Sort ideas by the number of votes and look at the top 20 proposals … Nobody listened to these ideas … Why this mockery … Please close this section it’s very disappointing


I will try to make it short:

1- any plans on quality of life interface improvements? Like stage info (number of waves, min/max monsters, exp gained, high chance items…etc) or alliance info (#of titan flags for each player and who is online like what we have in the war…etc) and several other areas.

2- any hero balance update plans? We still have many underwhelming heros in all levels. The last balance update was excellent.

3- are quest going to be revisited? Like having 3 quests instead of 2. Rare quests comming weekly instead of biweekly…etc. The common items quests are not worth the energy. Regular farming gives better results.

Thank you for this topic and reaching out to us @zephyr1