Upcoming Q&A with Game Designers - Summer 2022 Edition (Questions)

Can we get an option to hide all offers? They are moving toward center of the base. You can’t even play normal.


Are there any plans to make one offer button, please? Or minimize the offer icons?

I´m fully aware that some players purchase every offer you put out there - but for some of us, these offers are taking up so much space now, that it´s becoming tiresome to interact with our base.

Yes, I know it´s been asked more than once, but. Please. Enough now.

Thank you for listening. :pray:


I got One simple question. Why pulling out from tCs requires available space . Lets say. I have 30 tc20 to Pull. And got ONLY 3 or 4 spaces available, it wont let me Pull all 30 at once. I undrerstand that could be a big problem on other levels of TC, but not on the 20. Would it be an options to add in future to Pull all of them even without roster space available?

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I think most of the question was covered above, maybe this one as well.

Do you plan to revamp a bit Hero Academy? It would be really nice to allow 3 different simultaneous trainings. This will greatly increase the value of this building.


Thank you for all the questions! We’ll gather these here and will be posting answers to the selected questions next week.


Hello, due to the holiday season we are experiencing some delays but we should be able to publish the first round of answers next week!


The first part of the Q&A is out now: