Upcoming Q&A with Game Designers - Summer 2022 Edition (Questions)

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions again!

Roster space!

As many others have asked, is there a plan to address the roster space issue? I understand there is a financial aspect to it but I also feel it can serves as impediment to summoning as for some they rather not summon if they don’t have the space or would be forced to pay 500+ gems for only 5 spots.

Both troops and costumes don’t have space limits, would it be possible to remove space limits on heroes as well? Or at least for 1-2 star heroes which are mostly fodder for high level heroes ?

Are there any other solutions to roster space you might be considering?

Alchemy lab

A great QOL many have asked for was a multiplier button on the transmutations so you could add multiples of the same transmutation easier, instead of entering 100 or so all manually, any hope on getting something like this?

Alkashards rewards: it’s been awhile since the shard combining rewards have been updated/improved, any chance on tweaking this by adding new things like maybe Aether or tomes, (with 5% of becoming higher rarity) or also increasing the amount of emblems?

Hero academy

It’s been about a year since your last buff to HA10 (adding a costume chance) are you now satisfied with what the training option provides relative to cost (time & resources/money to build)?

Is there a plan to add more heroes to the academy HA10 since season 3 & 4 have ended?

Also would you consider adding some of the older event heroes or season 2 heroes to the normal HA10 retraining que (I.e. equal chance to retrain a hero with the other Season 1 heroes) now that many of them have kinda become obsolete with costumes, season 5 and new events out there?

Adding of old event heroes to HA8 and HA5 was very popular for the player base, could you consider adding additional older 3/4 stars to those training options?

when asked last year about adding heroes to HA5/8 you had a firm no to this request, what made you change your mind?

Soul exchange

The most recent soul exchange was very popular with the players, would you consider a soul exchange for 4 star heroes? Most of us get a lot of four star hero dups as a byproduct from summons or TC20, still kinda painful to only be able to use them for training other heroes. ( they don’t even provide that much experience when used for training)

Hero costumes

If we can retrain heroes into other heros, can you make a way to retrain costumes into other costumes?

Once again, thanks for taking the time!


can u fix costume hero card previous and next buttons, instead of the buttons use to switch between different costumed hero, why don’t the buttons are used to switch uncostumed and costumed version of the same hero to make embleming decision easier since we want to quickly switch back and forth to see which emblems path is the best between costume and uncostumed version.


+1 for roster space

-People playing others accounts during alliance quest and challenge events seems to be increasing. I have seen several players of groups as high top 10 admit that only 5 to 10 players are doing all 30 accounts. Will this ever be publicly addressed or a solution attempted?

-Limit breaks, I still contend where unnecessary and artificially creating a revenue stream. However, they are incredibly pay walled right to an exponentially higher degree than even things like ascension materials and emblems. Are there plans to add them more loot tables or the alchemy lab?

-The soul exchange was good addition. Can we please get an added row for 5 souls for just costumes (no hero included)? Furthermore are there plans to change it in any way?

-Are there any planned updates to hero academy 10, like lower cost or shorter duration?

-Now that ascension materials are not the main bottle neck for spending customers, are there any plans to improve the lab to change say trap tools into tabards?

-For experienced groups 14 star titans are incredibly stale and easy. Are there plans to increase titan star levels? Additionally why is mercing titans so discouraged?

-How does the matchmaking in War of 3 Kingdoms work?


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With the nonstop offers is there any thought in creating a place to store all the offers so we can access our base a little easier without accidentally hitting an offer??


Can we get an option to hide all offers? They are moving toward center of the base. You can’t even play normal.


Are there any plans to make one offer button, please? Or minimize the offer icons?

I´m fully aware that some players purchase every offer you put out there - but for some of us, these offers are taking up so much space now, that it´s becoming tiresome to interact with our base.

Yes, I know it´s been asked more than once, but. Please. Enough now.

Thank you for listening. :pray:


I got One simple question. Why pulling out from tCs requires available space . Lets say. I have 30 tc20 to Pull. And got ONLY 3 or 4 spaces available, it wont let me Pull all 30 at once. I undrerstand that could be a big problem on other levels of TC, but not on the 20. Would it be an options to add in future to Pull all of them even without roster space available?

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I think most of the question was covered above, maybe this one as well.

Do you plan to revamp a bit Hero Academy? It would be really nice to allow 3 different simultaneous trainings. This will greatly increase the value of this building.


Thank you for all the questions! We’ll gather these here and will be posting answers to the selected questions next week.


Hello, due to the holiday season we are experiencing some delays but we should be able to publish the first round of answers next week!


The first part of the Q&A is out now: