Upcoming Q&A with Game Designers - Summer 2022 Edition (Questions)

So… what are these dragons that were mentioned last year?


During the last Q & A I asked the following:

In a game, where a lot of our time is spent on auto farming, are there any plans on making this less time consuming?

'In today’s world, and the awareness of the health of our planet, keeping our devices turned on, just to auto farm, without even engaging is equal to turning on the TV without even watching.

I would love to see a more efficient way to auto farm, perhaps by it being on increased speed. Thank you for considering it.’

The response was, that not all devices would be able to cope with an increase in speed.

Technology has come further than last time, so I would like to ask the same question, if that is ok. :blush:

I just think it´s time. Autofarming is one thing, but once a player has completed a stage in a game, I would like there to be a bonus, so that that specific stage can be run faster and more efficiently, than the first time. After all, it´s repetitive content.

I would also like to ask, if there are any plans to please reconsider how Valhalla and Underwild is being handled?

I would love to see a bonus to these, such as Atlantis Rises has. For part of the same reasoning as above, it´s repetitive content.

Empires and Puzzles have grown - and is now in a position, where customer support and engaging with the player base on a daily basis, similar to how game developers of other games do, could help out tremendously.
Are there any plans to do that?

I have so many more questions, but I am positive there are plenty to choose from already.

Thank you for listening. :pray:


Are there any plans to expand the base? Currently there are 2 bridges exiting the base. I’m guessing those lead east and west. Where do they lead?? We can assume one leads to the Plains of Correllia, that would lead us to believe that the other bridge goes to an unexplored portion of the base.

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What have you learned from the Kalo release and nerf and what are you doing to ensure something like that won’t happen again?

If Path of Valor costs the same amount, why does it not have the same amount of loot as it did before? Will more loot be added to it or the cost reduced?

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LOL @Yomagn-tho hilarious

well as I am reminded that there are actual human beings answering this Q&A, I will toss in

  1. For those of you playing the game, which heroes are your faves? are there any you particularly dislike?

  2. For those of you playing the game, which features do you like most (as a player)? And are there any aspects you personally dislike having to do (as a player)?


Yeah roster space is one im going for … Ok the soul exchange is a way to get rid of roster space but that is every 4 months plus i haven’t used it as yet as got 15 i want to get rid off … Dont really help me or others in my situation :wink:

Have a brouse at these i think are a reasonable qol request and a win win for all :+1:

The original if you see anything in there that might use …


One more thing - why S4 is the only season without full set of heroes on each grade?

I mean, Season 4 DON’T have 4* purple hero, while every other season, even S5, you can create full rainbow team on 3*, 4* and 5* level, but this isn’t case for S4.

Is this intentional act or omission? Will you add purple S4 4* hero later?
Don’t need to be overpowered or something, can be even worst 4* ever, it’s just… sad that S4 don’t have any.

  1. Do you plan to answer any of the difficult questions posted in this list, or just ignore them and go for the low hanging fruit like last year?

  2. Nope, that’s it


Wait, youre complaining about roster space AND want to have 3* & 4* wars?? This would just make the lack of space worse

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@Atch ……
Honestly, I could war with both 3* and 4* teams (only)…
I keep at least one of every hero I have ever pulled …

And I wouldn’t have a problem with having the odd war that excludes 5* heroes … why not?

With regards to roster space - Currently the only way I can keep my head above water is by using SE …


Any plans to add s1 4* costumes to ha8?


Is it a possiblity that Soul Exchange will be tweaked to give better value to trading Hotm and non S1 5 stars?

How is the huge excess of new characters going to be balanced with the high cost of roster space?

  • considering the “rarity” difference among heroes, there’s an extreme imbalance in the sheer number of 5* heroes available in contrast with 4* and 3*. i don’t know what the current count is, but why aren’t there more Epic and Rare heroes (since 2* and 1* tournaments will no longer be considered) to at least have a quantity of them comparable to the 5* pool?

  • why is the second generation of Challenge Events (Slayers, Starfall, Gargoyles, Villains) not getting a chance to have a similar life cycle that the old Challenge Events did before being lumped together into a Challenge Festival? i understand not wanting to wait years before doing such a thing, but Villains, for example, hasn’t had anywhere near a similar number of runs compared to, say, Teltoc. and as of this writing, i don’t think we’ve even gotten the second generation reflect red event!

  • +1 for questions relating to roster space.

  • lastly, you mentioned in last year’s Q&A that, at that time, you had already begun work on Season 5. are you already beginning work on a Season 6? how far ahead is content (potential content, whether ultimately released or not) worked on?


I like exeera… I take a blue team every time i see her on defense.

I’d like to the ability to choose what item we get from transmuting 2* ascension items, specifically strong ropes. I can select what u want from 4* craft items but using at least 1 dragon bone and one meteorite to make a nugget… So let us control the result of 2*.

This other game I play already moves more quickly on autoplay. Then they added 3x speed today for all animations. An option allows the players to chose what works for them would be great.


My questions echo Gwniver’s post [#38] above, regarding the massive time committment that this game can require:

  1. How much time playing per day does the Dev team expect to see from a moderately competitive player? If it helps you to answer, assume that means someone in a top 2000 or higher alliance that chains 13/14* titans, who uses all war and tournament attacks, completes all quests and events, and fills at least 1 raid and monster chest daily.

  2. Is your team actively discussing any specific ways that the game can grow without requiring more and more screentime?


Well first thank you for taking the time to be here.
I would say 98% of my questions have been asked above so i will patiently wait for your answers.


Will soul exchange ever be for 4* as well for players without 10 or more legendaries to exchange but lots of 4*?

  1. In last year’s questions about the duplicate issue you acknowledged that Hero Academy didn’t fully address the issue and you were currently working on a different option. Was Soul Exchange the project at that time, do you feel it is now as much of a solution as possible to the dupe issue, and if not is there any other projects in consideration eg something in Alchemy Lab where you can combine unwanted 5*s to shards which can be transmuted into summon tokens/ gems