Upcoming Q&A with Game Designers - Summer 2022 Edition (Questions)

It’s time for another highly anticipated game designer Q&A! Submit your game-related questions below by 2022-06-15T09:00:00Z!

Please note that while we may not be able to answer all individual questions, we will try to cover most of the topics raised by the community.

SGG Staff Answering Questions:

  • Tim – Head of Game Design
  • Joel - Senior Game Designer

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We are looking forward to your questions, so fire away! :crossed_swords:


How many people are currently working on E&P?


There are a ton of QoL request in the Ideas and Feature section that could put your company on the players good side again at almost no cost to you, yet you ignore it most of the time. Why?

  1. Could you please tell us if you are going to add to Training Camps or Hero Academy more older heroes such as rare and epic heroes from Season 2, Springvale, Christmas, Sand Empire and Morlovia?

  2. Are you going to make new costumes for rare and epic heroes more available? Pulling them again from old portals is troublesome and for most people it will be impossible to get them.


+1 to this, please. Especially as newer heroes continue to get more powerful, so what would be obstacles/issues with making older non-s1 heroes a bit more available? Considering that older Challenge Event 3* and 4* have been added to Hero Academy, why not do the same for e.g., Season 2 ?


do all of you designer staff have a super account that has access to all heroes with full emblems and LB? and could it be that some of you are disguised as commoners scattered in several alliances?


Will the current relentless pace of introducing new heroes and new portals ever slow down - or is this the way it will be until the game ends?


can you design a more commonly acceptable summon program with at least a 5s hero for a certain number of summon, where at least HoTM if the luck of the summoner is not there during these number of summon?


Why costume chamber includes only s1 heroes when now we have costumes even for s3 heroes?
Are you planning to add all heroes to the chamber or will it stay s1 exclusive?

  1. Will we see 15* and 16* Titans added in the game?
  2. We currently have colorless trainer troops and colorless trainer heroes. Will you release colorless Titans and colorless heroes?
  3. Will the Hero Academy be redesigned like how the Alchemy Lab was?

Will you consider to buff long forgotten heroes such as boss wolf, g.owl, etc without needed to “buy” their costume?

  1. Many players complain about the fast pace at which new heroes are added to the game, a lot of players can’t even summon one event hero before it is already replaced with a new one on new event. What is your plan around this? Is it just temporary state being a result of events being revamped, or is that your long term plan to keep it like this?

  2. Power Creep in hero stats is more and more worrying as the lifetime of this game goes. We are already at the point where maxed, emblemmed and limit broken epic heroes from new events are stronger than some older legendary heroes, even with emblems. Meanwhile, the rarity of these old heroes is still the same as new legendary heroes, they still dilute the summon pools in the portals. We are in situation where easier to obtain and cheaper to ascend hero is better than a hero that is rare and very expensive to get and ascend. Do you plan to address this issue anyhow in your balance updates?

  3. Although the game evolution is very obvious recently and we get to receive more heroes and in greater numbers, the classic loot from daily playing has not increased at all. Players still complain about low odds of getting something valuable from titans, elemental chests, war chests. While the value of items such as ascension mats or aethers has lowered a lot judging from your new offers, they are still as rare as years ago in the regular loot. Is that something you consider changing at any point in the future?

  1. The power creep caused 14 star titans to pose no challenge to any mature alliance; some even have to intentionally hold off hitting the titan so everyone can get to attack and receive rewards. What’s stopping you from releasing 15 star and 16 star titans? Some new titans and new artworks would be great as well, seeing the same ones over and over again is pretty boring.

  2. Now that the game is very mature but still played by a great number of players, what are the biggest challenges you see in the forecoming future? What’s your focus? How hard it is to manage a game at this stage?

  3. Many players asked for possibility to be able to unlock a hero costume in some way as long as you own the hero already, for example by doing certain quest related to heroes ability. Is that going to happen at some point, or do you want to keep it this way so the only way to get the costumes is to summon in the old portals?

  4. Do you ever consider updating some core game mechanics, like damage calculation formula, the way how color stacks impact the tile damage, the tiles combinations (power shards/dragon shields) etc. or is it a set in stone that those aspects of the game will never be touched, outside of some new features and events?

  1. Is balance update a “monthly event” now?
  2. Will there be more new heroes add into S2,3,4 portal after Oceanus?
  3. Seems like Styx will be the 3rd tower event, will it come with Styx troops?
  4. Any plan on those underwhelming heroes like Exeera & Nemo?
  1. In Q&A last year and Sneak Peak this year you mentioned some new buildings might arrive.
    (“Museum” and “Expedition Building”)
    Do you have any update on when these new buildings will arrive and what will be their purpose.

  2. I would also like to see more 3-4 star heroes added to Hero Academy (starting with some old heroes. Eg: Season 2 or maybe 3). Are there any plans for these ?

  3. In Season 3 we have received some addiitonal 3-4 star heroes in the middle of the advanture, but for Season 4 we only received some at the start. Are there any plans of introducing new 3-4 star heroes for Season 5 later ?

  4. Are there any plans for buffing some useless heroes like Exeera and Salmon Loki ?

  1. Aside from the Mystic Vision, the Watchtower is the only building that does not have an advanced building. Will the Watchtower get an advanced building for it?

  2. What inspired the development team to create the Heroes of the month?

  3. What is your most favorite challenge event family and what is your least favorite?

  4. With so many heroes now being released on a consistent pace, will we be able to get more hero slots in deals?

  5. With Kalevala approaching, will Sand Empire be replaced by Kalevala, or will it be sticking around? Also, is Kalevala the start of adding new Seasonal events and heroes?

  6. I have noticed that Atlantis is the only event that does not have a $30 deal like the rest of the events. Usually, this deal contains 3k gems and enough coins for 10 single pulls. The Costume Chamber got a revamp of iys deals and got a $30 deal. Will Atlantis see this same treatment as well?

  7. For the Alchemy Lab. i would like to see an ability to transmutate a crafting material into an ascension material, and vice versa. Is something like that possible in a future update?

  1. There is severe dis-trust in the forums regarding pretty much all the odds that are stated on the hero cards: Special chances, talent/ability chances, passive chances. Can you issue a clear statement that you are using an honest, un-tweaked, good, well code-reviewed RNG for all those, using exactly the stated percentages for both the defenses and attackers? And if you are not, how on the Earth do you justify that? (Also, I truly hope that you are not using any account specific seeding in any “more important” RNG:s… there seems to be some very, very, unlucky accounts, that cause some doubt…)

  2. About the terrible rush with hero introductions and related power creep: Why suddenly change the pace so much? Do you understand that only a tiny portion of players can actually keep on with this, like recognizing the heroes, remembering what they do, being able to learn to counter them, continue caring? Do you understand that it starts to feel that there is no point in leveling up any other than the very best heroes, as the heroes are cast to oblivion so quickly?

  3. Why did you make S3 (Valhalla) so that there is basically no chance to summon any heroes from there after finishing the stages? Would it really break the “game economy” if there would be at least one or two free summons achievable per rotation, with decent amount of farming? It just seems so frustratingly greedy to make Gnomes drop trash with 90% chance. Also, considering all the new content (with massive power creep) these old portals are not very good diamond usage targets, so what is the point?

  4. Considering the tiny chances to receive anything worthwhile from the summons, how about generalizing the previous question: Would it really break the game economy, if ALL the summons would have actually achievable free summons every rotation? (An example: War of three kingdoms, which is so terrible event of lottery, that a player does not have much or anything at all to say for anything else than the personal performance. So there are some of the most over powered heroes in the game “available”, but not necessarily any free way to make even one summon.)

  5. Many of the standard game features (TC for one; also many standard quests, etc.) have basically lost much of their value due to incredible power creep. Any plans to introduce S2 / S3 / etc. heroes to those? Make Costume Chamber provide all the heroes which have costumer? Or alternatively, make it so that S1 costume comes always with S1 hero where ever it is summoned? Make loot of quests MUCH better?

  6. Making HA9 (troop conversion) produce ninja/mage troops with some moderate chance would be much appreciated. Any plans for that? (With the new mage troops HA9 probably lost any value it had previously, i.e., producing secondary mana troops.)

  7. Having a variety of heroes and learning to use them efficiently against any opponent could be in the heart of E&P. However it seems that developers intentionally work against this: 1) Emblems and limit breaks cause situation where you could have 200 heroes, but only 20 of them are actually usable. 2) The pace of new heroes introduced during the last year makes any learning infeasible, and also makes it practically impossible to have all the “required” heroes even with moderate spending. Any plans for corrective actions? (NOTE: It is not OK plan to add more ads for buying emblems, ethers and summon coins.)

  8. And finally, the most important thing: Do you have any ambition left to make a GOOD GAME, or is everything totally, 100%, guided by money?


edited to add: thank you indeed for doing this again!

  1. Considering the increasing pace of power creep AND the faster rollout of new heroes, have you considered any ways of making older heroes more accessible? considering that some players do not even have a single S2 or S3 5*, when even those are debatably under-powered vs. the new S5 or 3 Kingdom heroes

  2. in last year’s Q&A you acknowledged the high cost of buying new roster slots. Now that more and more heroes are being released, have you moved forward with solutions to this?

  3. In last year’s Q&A, you acknowledged the high cost of levelling troops. Now that we even have new Magic troops on the heels of the Ninja troops, and with rumors of new Tower events presumably with their own troops in the future, do you think this needs to be addressed? What plans do you have for them if so?

  4. Based on your metrics, do you still stand by your earlier decisions to keep Valhalla Forever and Tremors of Underwild from delivering better loot?

  5. You have referenced in-game metrics in making decisions on hero balance. Can you share more about the kind of metrics you use; and also do you have a minimum acceptable number of data points (e.g, number of unique players/defense with that hero) and/or time horizon (e.g., number of months), to say that these metrics are reliable?

  1. This question has been raised in the previous years and in Beta. What are your plans regarding roster space? Considering the speed you roll the new heroes out, available roster space doesn’t really match that pace.

  2. Are there any plans on improving roster organization at all, for example filtering the heroes based on color, * number, name etc? If yes, what are the plans? If no, why not?

  3. Are you planning on introducing value to heroes we exchange in Soul Exchange? If yes, when? If not, why not?


Thank you for doing this again.

  1. I’d like to hear more about anything in the sneak peak
  2. What are the biggest changes to gameplay upcoming?
  3. To support your parent company will you play me in a game of nba 2k22?
  4. What other match3 games do you play? What other games are you looking to emulate?
  5. Another match3 game I play just added a 3x speed mode to all animations which greatly speed up animations. I know SG has said this can add strain on old devices. Is this any more possible now?
  6. The general consensus is that less people are playing the game and not more (measured by players in events). How does the game change if we lose 10% of people? What about when it’s 20% or 30% etc ?