Upcoming Q&A with Game Designers - Spring 2021 Edition (Questions)

Please extend the raid flags capacity so we can sleep 8-9 hours, not 6.
Just fix that and I’ll be fine :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the opportunity.
Here are my questions:

  1. Are there any plans to “refresh” the game and update it’s different aspects?
    The game feels very outdated when it comes to unfriendly chat system, daily quests that are good only for beginners, length of research and crafting some items/trainings.

  2. Scarcity of ascension mats prevents many of us from further summoning. We get new heroes constantly, yet amount of materials and roster space is as plenty as in 2017… Which is yet again linked to game being outdated in its core.
    We really need some boost of 4* materials in chests, especially in elemental and war ones. They should be guaranteed as rewards for effort and playing daily. Would you consider increasing the odds of 4* ascension mats in loot?
    (Please note that 4* mats are scarce even in paid offers so buying them all still doesn’t help the players)

  3. Grading feels completely irrelevant when it comes to titan loot - could you please please please start rewarding players scoring A? It is very discouraging to see lower scorers receiving amazing loot while some people are not getting anything good from titan for weeks.

  4. Very repeated topic here - problem of duplicates. I just want a clear answer whether you will provide any solution or should I just feed away all of my duplicate hotms gathered over months. No, HA10 is not a solution, thank you.

  5. Why there is such a distance recently between community and developers? There are topics unanswered for years now, misinformation from staff, very very poor PR cases like hamgate, nerfgate, and so forth.
    We understand that some questions are difficult to answer but it’s better to just admit that you are NOT working on some ideas or improvements instead of keeping silent. Many players feel like staff if completely unaware of existing problems within the game and not listening to feedback.

  6. What are often asked improvements that you simply can’t (not won’t) implement and what is the reason behind it?

  7. in 99% of mobile online games, there is a loyalty reward system (logging in, year anniversaries, reaching certain achievements).
    Is there a plan or was it at least considered to implement it in EnP? If no, why not?

  8. Guaranteed legendary after certain amount of pulls - why it’s missing from the game?
    Would certainly help with discouraged players who stopped summoning/buying offers.

  9. Why prices in the game are not adjusted to countries’ economy but feels like they are all based on American system?
    10$ in US is nothing, meanwhile in other countries this is a day/week of average pay.
    I’m sure that international players would boost revenue if gem prices were appropriate to their economic level of life.

Thanks for your interest.


Do the designers take up such suggestions? Do you contact the members who are making this effort? Or do you only use your own designs?

Yes, you can ask anything.

That doesn’t mean it will get answered. Plenty of AMAs have highly rated questions that go unanswered.

The better ones answer some silly questions as well as a lot of serious ones, but that’s just perception.

Along those lines — which would you rather face? 100 Aife sized Titans or 1 Titan sized Aife?

Please only answer this if you also answer my QA question.


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I’d just like to ask why bugs aren’t given a priority and when you say a big is fixed when it isn’t.

Malosi and Alfrike come to mind

Hi I’m just curious what do I have to do to get a 5 star hero? I go pull after pull and nothing it’s pretty annoying considering the fact I spend good amount of cash. Any advice suggestions please reply

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  1. Successful companies share achievements with their community. How do you plan to give back to your players (aka paying customers)? Zynga pays Small Giant $240 million in second performance earn-out | Pocket Gamer.biz | PGbiz

  2. Plenty of satisfying, alternative games now exist, that address the very same requests from players, that SGG has not implemented for years (among them, QoL and pity timers). What’s your take on them?


Will there ever be an ACTUAL fix to the duplicate 5* issue

Please explain the path of loot drop dilution in E&P.

Thank you for this opportunity! Some of us have been waiting for this for a while…

My questions (in no particular order):

  1. Are there any plans to change all the pre-Villans challenge events back to 10 stages each difficulty?

  2. Any possibility that the gnomes found during Valhalla Forever can drop coins only (like the dragons during Atlantis Rises)? I’m confident that most players would prefer coin drops only.

  3. What are your plans to keep long term players interested in the game?

  4. Why was the final offer in the Springvale calender changed to 3 harpoons and 1 timefreeze? I think that the past offer of a free WE, raid, and titan flask is much preferred.

  5. How do you decide which QoL improvement to implement?


What were the reasons for raid formations being locked behind SH 25 and Hero Academy instead of being widely available to the player base ? Was any thought given to the greater divide created as players, unable to access this feature, being forced to raid against those that can ? Or worse, be punished to pay out in ham to re-roll, to find an opponent not using formation’s ?

Will you be addressing an actual, viable solution to dupe 5*s that doesn’t take 12 to 18 months just to access or just as long to possibly (if ever) get a non S1 hero ?

Why would you think to release ‘limit breakers’ against an overwhelming negative response from players that can only increase the divide of the player base ?

  1. Do you plan doing something with odds (too low) and prices (too high)? For example, in most of cases for getting 5* hero from summon portal player need make 100 pulls, each pull in this game cost 300-350 gems, 400 gems in shop for my country 4.86$ (1.21$ for 100 gems). Total 300 * 1.21 = 363$ (100 pulls) for getting 5* hero in my country (181$ by offers and promotions). I do not know how much this in your country, but in my country for most people this is a very significant amount. Why not make regional prices like in Steam (based on economical of country)?
  2. What mechanisms are in your game to prevent addicted people spend to much?
  3. Why for last 3 years most changes in the game it’s only new heroes and all other just cosmetic changes? The game literally turned into a conveyor of pictures with heroes

A non-issue tbh. But a curiosity, since I’m sure there’s a legitimate reason to give these heroes little titles on the magnifying of their artwork. What kinda lore do y’all be giving these characters? For example, Season 1, the only thing with vaguely “original” characters.

Firstly, I also thank you for your fantastic job. This design of the game, it is the first reason why I did not leave it. Many thanks!

My two questions are:

  1. Background music. Would you like to make it more varied?
    For example, variations on a theme by Antonio Vivaldi would work well for farming, and for some culminate scenes, such as the battle with the Dark Lord, JS Bach’s fugues would work well. Some of Ennio Morricone’s motives are suitable for both quests and base. …
  2. Stronghold. This is the only building that should be built but that cannot be entered. Why?
    For example, a storyline or other useful information could be read in this building.

Of course, this is all just in my opinion. The final word is for the designers of this game.
Good luck!
:raised_hand: :slight_smile:

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Yes to minimizing button pushing please. Just using Alchemy Lab alone is exacerbating arthritis pain …


What is the reasoning behind the special skills tier levels? It’s really annoing to have 5* heroes at special skill level 3 at 4* 70. There must be a better way to fo this, e.g. advancing special skill at set levels, or merely when ascending.

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Will non-S1 costume be cancelled permanently?


Will you un-nerf Telluria, now that the game meta has successfully been changed & she’s viewed as weak? Partial un-nerf?


I would love to hear their point of view on approaching buffs and nerfs as well, as costumes are arguably considered buffs by large swaths of this community,

  • how and why do they choose heroes to buff or not buff
  • how and why do they choose to nerf
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