Upcoming Q&A with Game Designers - Spring 2021 Edition (Discussion)

After all the outrage and all of beta was against this they still do it against all of the negative feedback. Zynga doesn’t care what’ it’s costumers want! They’ll run this billion dollar industry into the ground and wonder how they turned this into ruins. Greedy zynga how you’ve taken what small giant has started and about-faced and ran in the opposite direction. You won’t heed our voices and I pray you reap what you have sown here!!! And when you’ve ran this into the ground as you have already done in a few games already , I wonder if after this cash cow has died you realize it isn’t that the game ran its course but that you screwed the pooch. You will bring on your own downfall!!!

At least limit break still have double acceptance than non-S1 costume.

@Dudeious.Maximus will non-S1 costume be addresed too?

I have no idea, but… The way the fourm and beta comments on them in the past, you would think it would be asked… Right :confused:


Look @Petri at this point we all know you’ve cherry picked the questions that don’t matter, and have had your HR department carefully vet the response so many times it’s little more than trite, buzzword ridden boilerplate. Spring ends in 3 days, so if you’re still going ahead with this useless PR stunt then get it done and over with so we can all collectively :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: and get back to our lives, or just don’t even bother at all.

I believe that there has been enough time to have some type of response from the game makers. @Petri I sincerely hope that we hear soon and that some of my well thought out, very plausible questions I asked get answered. An update to the community would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

In 2019 it take 2 months before we got answers on AMA

Just a remember - petri like the other Mods are not part of SG Staff…

Answers to the selected “approved” questions will need to be reviewed by Legal to ensure that SGG has no chance in hell of being sued for breach of Terms of Service.

Then they probably route the QnA pack back up to Zynga, who owns 80% of SGG currently, for their vetting.

Let’s wait “patiently” for their official answers, and see how well they “spin” them. Lol

Petri is staff. His official posts comes with a nice gold frame, like that for the current POV premium pack


Isn’t it a moderator post visualisation ?
There is a difference Between mod and staff - but you might be right - didn’t visit the forum for a while

The eta was provided a few posts prior to yours

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We have now published the answers! I’ll close this topic, let’s continue the discussion on this Q&A here:

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