Upcoming Q&A with Game Designers - Spring 2021 Edition (Discussion)

Unlikely to happen but thank you for bringing up this topic

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Huawei AppGallery it’s an alternative of Google Play Market so it’s OK. I sure - there are a lot of potential players with Huawei phone (especially in China). I think my question is actual


i didn’t mention this, but a QoL update, I’d like to see dates added to each hero of the date they were pulled, and for hotms, i wouldn’t mind seeing them in a more darker color to distinguish them from non hotm heroes.

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To the developers,

Any chance we can see an small event… even if it’s only once ever 6 months for 2* hero’s?

We have challenge events for 3,4, and up. This would be something for the very new guys to compete in and they would have something to do with their first characters besides just saving them for food later.

I know many people don’t have space but I’m thinking of something for the very newbies. The new guys are not strong enough to compete in challenges or events for awhile until they build up at least some 3*s.

How about something for the guy who is just a few weeks into the game? An event capped at 2*s?

There was a raid tournament for 2* originally but a few people moaned so much about it that the devs stopped them.

It was just meant to be a bit of fun. In reality though, your point about new players isn’t valid. Almost every new player should be building a bench of 3*+ after a few days (or at most a week) of engaged play. That’s usually before the Quests page is even accessible, it doesn’t appear for a good few levels after you’re able to join an alliance.


And the claim it was “newbie friendly” was quickly disproven by long term players having maxed, fully emblemed 2 star teams.

Again, don’t play with your food.


Get them back so I can crush those newbies with my instantly assembled fully emblemed 2* team.

  1. I’ve seen the answer somewhere that they have no plans to change the presence of s1 5* from any portal as they remain the base of the game. That trap for gems is good business because it makes people spend twice for the same thing. The enitre shop is built around traps

Why you dont hire more people? You always say that you are a small team working on this game, yet you still are making literally hundreds of millions dollars profit per year. Why not use some of that money hiring more people, so you could actually fix bugs faster, listen to players more and test things more closely before releasing them. Theres always typos, new bugs, bad grammar, op/up heroes which clearly havent been tested enough.

Edit: oh, im too late with my questions


I believe that the raid AI was modified at some point in the past, probably in a misguided attempt to make raiding more challenging. Unfortunately I find raids to be incredibly boring now, because they seem to be very systematic, with several variations:
(Note that I almost exclusively raid with mono color teams. Those who play with mixed teams may have different results.)

  1. I’m able to get 2-3 early matches in the color of my team, allowing me to get charge and use some specials for faster heroes, but not average or slow. Then my color completely dries up for a number of turns, which I must survive. I usually do survive, get several more color matches quickly, and win.
  2. I only get 1-2 color matches in the color I need, perhaps enough to charge a very fast hero. Then nothing else, or not enough to help. Often there are chains of matches, with many tiles coming into play, but the color I need rarely appears. Generally I recognize these types of matches within the first 3-5 moves, and just flee, as I know there is no chance I will win. Typically I’ll get this type of board twice in a row, then the 3rd match against the same opponent is much better and I win. There is some variation to this pattern, but not enough
  3. Perhaps 1 of 10 matches I get something different from the above two patterns.

Because of these consistent results, I no longer raid as a normal part of the game, as I find it to be very frustrating. It feels like there is very little chance or skill involved. It all feels very predetermined. I’m sure that many players will agree that raiding is also very streaky. When its good, the wins come often, and when it is bad, I lose two of 3 according to the pattern described in #2 above.

My question is: Are there any plans to update the Raid AI so that it becomes a more enjoyable part of the game again?

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It was in december 2019. After this healers and heroes which gained mana die more faster (3-4 hit in same hero). I can’t call it RNG. Challege… Not sure about it. Looks like forcing players to obtain more faster and dangerous shiny heroes from summon portal.

What about Alfrike and very fast tournaments? :slight_smile: I’m sure - Alfrike owners very enjoy it

Because of the terms and conditions on the forums, I’m not allowed to mention other games by name, so I can’t give specific examples. But, believe me when I say that I play other gotcha games that give players an enormous amount more latitude for meaningful choice in their roster creation and game development coverall through integrated communications streams between players and game dev employees. Those two considerations are at the heart of most of the problems that E&P has had since its creation, and to be frank, have not been addressed.

I’m not talking about all the different summon portals that exist, because there is a lot of diversity out there now for 5* heroes and families. I like this a lot. What is challenging for many players is summoning dozens, sometimes hundreds of times across different portals and getting only duplicate heroes, or only rare or epic heroes. If you don’t have any heroes you want to level up with what you’ve summoned, because you aren’t getting any that will move your roster forwards, what motivation is there for a player to keep playing?

I’ve played games where duplicate heroes can be sold for a different in-game currency just for summoning heroes. I’ve seen games allow a player to filter summons to a specific type to address roster holes. I’ve seen games allow player to select a specific hero they are trying to summon. Almost all other games have some kind of pity counter.

With all of the different options available to help address the inequities of the current summoning system, why has SG decided to keep the existing system? Is this critical to the games current level of profitability?

IMO, communication between Devs and Players is lacking. I don’t just mean that players are having issues that aren’t being addressed, but that Devs don’t seem to be getting the information they need to improve in-game experiences either. Why isn’t there a dedicated survey or opinion tool for devs to ask players their opinions about upcoming content, changes, game balance, heroes, etc…? I’ve gotten surveys from other games about upcoming artwork for heroes, balance questions, event feedback, among others. When the game is hemmoraging players at about 200k+ over a year, many of who were previously high spenders, don’t you think there might be a business case to enhancing the in-game experiences enough to keep your player base? Or maybe grow it?

I really like this game, and want it to be successful beyond the short term. Do you?



As someone who had been part of startups… I personally would give them more leeway for the first 2 years as they may need enough gameplay and community growth to figure out the long game.

But considering we are at 4 year mark… I think the game has passed that maturity milestone… where resolving this issue really cannot be put off anymore.


@Petri Please add Atlantis Coin quest, Valhalla Coin quest. Thank You :blush::+1:


I’d like to just say thank you for at long long last communicating, and by the sound of it to offer us some first hand answers to the long standing burning questions we all have.

Finally !! Please please use this moment wisely to restore faith in your community and not a half arsed effort


I hope some of these alliance war issues are addressed in the answers…

I wonder if any of these will be addressed. (Since your post of links was not moved over to the split thread).


Oh, it was moved. It was originally posted on that Questions thread and moved in this Discussions thread, though my intention was to raise a question when those links get implemented and/or addressed.

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Five days left in “Spring 2021”… do we know when this Q&A is happening yet?

Today in mod chat this was asked… Petri and kira said it will be out this week… Also the limit breakers will be addressed in it aswell.


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