Upcoming Q&A with Game Designers - Spring 2021 Edition (Discussion)

They may not have a solution, thus the silence. Which is fine if they have to just admit there will be no further solution than HA.

However… I wish SGG would just take an official stance on this to guide player long game… I would be very happy to hear “just feed away your glut of five star dupes and retain just enough for HA retraining.”

Considering we have to pay for hero slots… it would great to get closure on how to play the long game. (Or just give us unlimited hero slots to provide a bit of relief from the compounding tension.)


We need more levels on stronghold and then more advanced buildings


Inertia, acceleration and drag racing ( a niche sport/ physics simile )

Interesting question.

Actually [delete draft of very long explanation]

Off topic ( flag myself? )


Hm. This is a designer Q&A. Seems more appropriate for @Petri Q&A or a discussion with forum moderators

Elevator pitch


Short answer
Combination of how forum software works, human nature and the current state of the forum community

Busy Schedules


Might get an uptick this weekend/ beginning of next week. Depending on lots of factors, this may become a be careful what you wish for... situation ( crossing fingers no troll barrage )




And if they have trouble thinking of a solution… they can ask players for ideas. Those in beta, or in the forums.

in any case, I do think this AMA is a step in the right direction at least. hopefully this leads to more dialogue and idea-gathering.


I am not a SGG developer, however: this does not happen in real life. Sometimes it happens a hero is killed, and all his values are lost irretrievably.
Enjoy your loot! :raised_hand:

Nothing to do with Reddit.

AMA’s have a connotation or expectation of being unfiltered. Hence the “Anything”.

This time, like prior iterations, SG will be cherry picking the questions they want to answer. So I appreciate their usage of “Q&A” instead of “AMA” this time around.

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If they will do it in this way - many players will leave the game. Community have too much stressful for last 2 years + AMA 2019… Just see what they have to say

Not surprised to be honest. And don’t expect a devs who hasn’t decision-making power can gives practical answer. They might want to answer but they can’t….

The real decision maker group should step out and answer those questions by themselves rather than stay behind the curtain, if they really want to listen customer’s voices.

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An answer would certainly be better than silence but I still might be pissed for getting strung along all this time.


Especially as there was so much negative feedback about it! I’m also curious as to what SG thought about all that feedback…


Welcome to the community @B-Rad1!

It’s probably due to the possibility of abuse by players.

Then it will become another social network with all the ensuing consequences, including legal ones…
And I agree, in the 21 century it is not a problem to find suitable communication channels via the Internet. :slight_smile:

That is just a worthless hoax

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Okay not looking for social media. Looking for ability to send message to someone outside of alliance. And know that they will be able to see. General/global chat is over run by recruitment adds. No ability to directly communicate with anyone outside of your team.

I would say even their staffs or devs are also play the game the point of view are not the same with regular players. It is because they may not play the game from zero, they can adjust game mechanic to suit their favour anytime, they can use any hero in any level they want, and no need to spend every dollar from their own pocket for summoning… etc.

Try to play the game from zero, do not adjust game mechanic, get every ascension mat especially 4* one by one, summon hero base on existing odds with their own money… etc, they will know what happened to the game and why there are so many players complaining.


I am more than sure they know… I am not complaining - for me more interesting that they plan to do with all this in near future - change something or making money till the end in a same way. They told that played as C2P in AMA 2019

Yes I know you are not complaining :slightly_smiling_face:, just want to raise the fact of condition between devs and regular players are different. And even devs concludes the game is need to be more player friendly but that change is not be happen when their boss knows that may not able to get high profit as before.

A cow is made into sausage when it stops milk production

Reminder that there is a Google ban against Huawei until at least May 2021. No word in this article about a date beyond that, or what other countries might be affected:

This is off-topic, but wanted to answer you. Carry on! :wink:

you guys need to have live war footage and be able to replay the battles in war just like you can on clash of clans that’s my biggest beef. Not that you don’t give enough emblems or accension items just that i can’t see how i was attacked! when there other games you can replay and watch you get attacked,scratching my head maybe when you guys make another couple million you can throw that in that would be nice.


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