Upcoming Q&A with Game Designers - Spring 2021 Edition (Discussion)

This topic is to discuss the upcoming Q&A with the game designers. Please note that the submission period has ended and we are currently processing the questions. Thank you for all your questions! :slight_smile:

I’ll be moving posts that are not questions here.

Main topic: Upcoming Q&A with Game Designers - Spring 2021 Edition (Questions)


I really really hope developer seing this UI design Roster… pretty please… :slightly_smiling_face:

NEW filters for Hero Roster and leveling Heroes – with sample UI design mockups
(175 votes so far)
And also, give a bonus extra hero roster spaces…
I know, there are many featured that has to be priority, but this roster UI design make us more friendly to views, level choose teams, etc etc… Thank you!


Just a simple single question. When can you address and/or implement these:


Tons of other ideas and feature requests and other master threads still yet to be resolved, addressed and/or implemented. The original posters have long been gone from the game and from the forum. We would love to have them in the game.



My theory is we have to experience the grind of the game… they only have time to experience the behind the scenes work grind … so game QoL is something they don’t have to struggle with everyday.

If they had to put in the time players are putting in… when will they have time to work?

But that’s just a theory! LOL

Edit: on a side note… seeing an Q+A (correction) being scheduled has lifted my spirits about the game (first time in a year) with some hope. Fingers crossed but this feels like a pivot by SGG to engage the community… and I want to acknowledge and thank them for that if that’s the motivation!! With consistent engagement (even if annual)… I am happy to grow brand loyalty.


@Mateusmaps had good AMA relevant post before


Intra, not inter. Was very confused reading that.


I would greatly enjoy this opportunity. JekylandHyde = Empires & Puzzles Books. It would be a great addition to the interview series:

Thanks for the mention @fight_happy


It’ll never happen.

On here they can vet the questions and take time to compile a PR friendly response all signed off by corporate.

A live interview would expose them to too many awkward questions they can’t think up responses to on the spot… Even though I’m sure we would all love instant, honest responses direct from the Dev’s


Funnily enough… I had a post on this forum requesting an AMA and someone else had to post a similar response that SGG won’t do an AMA.

And yet… here we are. Coincidence aside… who knows what’ll unfold.

Besides… nobody mentioned a live interview or livestream. If you actually watch their channels you will see they have their own formats. Each YouTuber has their own style… but they live lives and they are posting edited videos not live-streaming all the time.

E.g. empires and puzzles books interview series


I do not produce my interviews live so their would be no “surprise” questions. That is not my style. I have no interest being confrontational in that manner. That said, I would be 100% fine with them vetting the questions in advance. I have no desire to put anyone on the spot or ask anything they would not be prepared to answer.


Similar to the prior session, this isn’t a true “AMA”. And it’s not being advertised as one this time. They’re only going to answer the questions they want to answer.

I just hope Guv’s makes the cut:


This feels WILDLY optimistic to me. :sweat_smile:

(I hope you’re right!)


I posted on why we were promised years ago for a solution as well. It just feels like we were lied too. It don’t take years to find a solution. Fix hero academy with a guaranteed different hero than what’s in your rooster, or a least higher the chance for pulling better hero’s!


That’s the shortsighted view. Level the playing field and maybe more people compete overall and engagement is meaningfully boosted. Regardless, I’m asking for company feedback on this because anyone can speculate.


I bet they look through all this and think… ummmmm who idea was to make this thread I’m not reading all this :joy::joy:


I agree with this… other than ninja tower which I like :sweat_smile: but I do see complaints from others.

I just want to add that you all promised to come out with a solution for our duplicate heroes when you were in the process of releasing Hero Academy.

No solution has been mention since… please add some kind of value to the game not just bells and whistles…


In fact, they don’t need to create this topic - they just can comment most popular topics in “Ideas and Features”. Players for years asked questions that have remained unanswered to this day. Most of those players left game at this time, but that questions still actual


I don’t see any reason to ask anything the representatives of a company which is only looking for profit. Clearly it will all fall on deaf ears. Don’t set up your expectations too high on this Q&A, guys and girls. No expectations - no disappointment.

I second it, except the NT- which i too have a soft corner at and let that be a challenge to FACE… however i can also compliment the dev’s on the designing of upcoming events like the starfalls, where in the monotony item storm" is broken and even an elder player rejenuvates with such rules. LOL.

I know because it’s not on Reddit.

Basically the same thing tho. Not a relevant detail to nitpick LOL

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