Upcoming building

@Rook Someone know upcoming buildings

Those spots are there forever and ever. But they are planning on new buildings!

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What kind of building…

They did not say yet. So nobody knows. Everybody hopes for the alchemy lab for sure. Search for it there is a big thread about it

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I believe there are currently two buildings in the works. Unfortunately it’s not any of the ones I’ve seen suggested here. I’ve heard rumors about the types of buildings and there should be an announcement in the near future.

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Take a look at the famous Shortlist

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@Rook Anyway congratulations !!!

They’re going to be Banks, so we can deposit money directly into SG’s account.


There is a place for a snark…and that was it

Ha! Well played sir! :joy:. @Tough_E_Nough you might like this ^^

(appreciates vintage sarcasm)

now back to work :wink:

I wasn’t sure that would be understood as I said it in my Sean Penn voice.

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And located at this small, peaceful and isolated… island


No security or concerns of ‘Heat’ type heist incidents is required. Since, traveling from Season 1 map by passing the Draconian Cave, volcano and Dark Lord and then passing through Concordia forests and facing Gill-Ra or the swarms of the Emperor Moth , Pterosaurians and Chameleon Muggers while the nights are magical, is not safe at all.

No base worker has taken this trip and … returned back … ever.

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:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:you make me laugh​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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