Upcoming Balance Changes - Announcement Discussion (May, 2020)

Add inari too… i regreat money spent on such heroes

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u win because u are lucky.

Are we really comparing telluria and gravemaker?

Like this is the rabbit hole we want to open?

Ok…well open gravemakers card and tell me how many different effects you see then do the same for telluria. And that’s that. Rabbit hole closed.


Hopefully Boss Wolf gets a bump in mana speed with these changes. Wishful thinking.

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Oh I’m laughing. :laughing: You and I are probably the only ones here who are. Everyone else is ready to burn down city hall, or light police cars on fire, or something.

I know, but that’s what makes it even more ridiculous.

For IDK how long, bunch of people have been clamoring, “SG come talk to us! Tell us something! Anything!

Then Petri comes in and just hints at balance changes and HOLY CRAP



Good thing I’ve already stocked up on toilet paper.

And popcorn.


You can say that but gems can also be given as a reward

Dude i just spit my screwdriver…you owe me like 5 bucks…


I invoked 18 times in Atlantis and nothing came out. and I don’t cry the game is like that. But if there is a good hero and I decide to upload it to the maximum and give him emblems, even having to take them away from another hero and losing resources and emblems, well … it doesn’t seem fair to me. it’s just that

Me too. I did a costume pull and got her. Same way I got malosi lol

Would have to prove or at least try to make an argument supporting such.

You haven’t.

Fact is, one month after release already looking into this is ridiculous. If they don’t like Telluria everywhere, then don’t use her. Let’s see who starts that trend. They won’t though.

Let’s see heroes needing buffs for years get them, wait but… no.

Instead let’s appease to a minority to annoy a minority and then act like it’s for business and balance.

Right, great argument yall got going on.


Ok well i used tonics on alberich and emblems on alberich

Then telluria came along and benched my alberich

That happens…

If someone advertises a chocolate Milkshake, and says buy this ticket for a chance to win! You see the the chocolate shake, you read reviews on It and decide it’s worth it. So you buy a bunch of tickets, some buy more than others, but eventually some win a chocolate milkshake.

You start drinking the shake and it’s as advertised. But suddenly 1/4 of the way through the shake someone comes by and replaces the shake with a container of Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

You obviously are upset, you look at them and say “I bought tickets for a chocolate milkshake not a container of Hershey’s chocolate syrup.”

Their response? it’s close enough.

Then they make the argument that by buying a ticket for a chance at their chocolate milkshake they now have rights to change the way the food you get before you even have a chance to finish drinking what you actually paid for to
Try and win.

See how ridiculous this is?


They nerfed Guin twice after relief in 3 months.

So what were you saying?

Thing is, when it occurred in the past, I dont ever recall an instance when it was so soon after release especially after being nerfed twice in Beta before such.

I won’t Spend Money anymore in this game, it’s not worth it. Sorry but that’s my thought.


i got her from coin pull in the challenge event. I got malosi from costume chamber.

I don’t see why everyone is complaining. Is she hard to beat, yep. I color stack with the 3 5s I have leveled. Knight, khagan, and Elena. Do I get lucky and get decent red gems to hit right off the bat? Sure do. Do I get unlucky with bad boards? Yep, sure do. That’s what makes this game fun and also frustrating at the same time. I’ve literally had cussing matches at my phone during war because I got crap boards. Leave the game as is. Why change it because some people are complaining. If you are not beating her, stack more red heros and pray for a good board.


I am, and I tell you that you are totally wrong in everything you wrote, the moment a company makes a product or service available, it has to be specified and therefore, if you come to purchase the good or service it cannot be depreciated after the acquisition, this is clear in the consumer protection code.
If you buy a good or service draw card, this MUST be specified and right after the purchase, if you have one, can it be modified or changed? Chance to draw a complete car and after being awarded the company can change the complete car to a basic car?

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#BenchTelly for raids thread

Well Sr, it happens to Alberich too some years ago. Hehe. Even I didn’t get him, fell unfortunately

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