Upcoming Balance Changes - Announcement Discussion (May, 2020)

that’s fraud. There are people who have spent money to get it because it was good. If it were not, they would not have spent that money or those gems and would save them for someone else they liked more. it’s like deceptive advertising. a fraud. as if you buy 1000 gems for $ 10 and after paying they tell you: oh it was a lot we give you 500 gems

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Hahahaha best post yet! Thanks for trying to clear up my biggest problem with tell

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Please be my guest, call your lawyer, go up againat a multi million dollar company and try to dwindle the cost down to less than 2500 bucks, the time down to less than 1-2 years; and not to mention a foreign company so would most likely increase expenses + time; and then with a sliver of chance of winning; let me know if it was worth the 2500 goal it began with…truly interested to hear how it goes

I’ll even start a thread for those that would like to keep all of us posted on the progress


People only spend money for gems. People receive gems. Transaction complete.

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I have probably only read half of these comments… mostly the same

Can I suggest we all just take a deep breath and calm down? Rebalancing, especially if it is a minor tweak as usually happens, is not new, and does not destroy the value of the hero.

Anyone who thinks Tell has not unbalanced the game to an extent not seen before has not looked at the history or played for almost 3 years as I have.

Please let us wait to see what happens before wasting our energies on outrage


You spent money for a CHANCE to acquire Tell. I agree she shouldn’t be nerfed as we already earned that hero but it’s possible you may have never gotten her to begin with.

Constructive feedback: against Telluria nerf but if is going to happen, I can live with the mana reduction to 24%.
Still will cut my spending though. I spent a ton of money to try to get her, won’t trust you guys enough to spend more.


Yea I’m actually surprised to see some veteran players floating about now that didn’t know how things work both gem purchase wise, hero balance wise, and terms of service wise

Think a recent one has played for a couple years now

Guys this is not anything new. Not the first time. Been happening for years…


If anything legal happens it will be a class action in a favorable jurisdiction such as the EU. It’s pretty funny though watching people in this thread saying “you didn’t buy anything!” as though Zynga’s defense would be that it’s an unregulated gambling business like Ultimate Bet.

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Like i said man; be my guest

I’m encouraging you

Yet you’re still groaning?

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I don’t even care to answer such a childish comment. it grows and stops filling.

Hell if that’s all it takes, it may become my copy/paste response…

maybe they just bought gems to try to get it. just for telluria’s claim

Played in a game that did this regularly for several years. What happens is that the game breaks because that new hero is the only one that matters and everyone continues to play the same exact teams on defense…which is the problem many have with Telluria right now. But imagine that as a monthly race where getting the new op counter is all that matters, and you can see why they are taking this route.

That said, don’t have Telly, and not a fan of a post-release nerf. If I had her, leveled her, and then this happened, I’d be angry. The degree of the nerf and how much money I’d drop into getting her would correlate to that anger, so I get why people are angry and rightly so. They made a mess of this by not looking more closely pre-release to what would happen to her in the wider game, and they should own it.

But if the path is “every month we bring out more powerful counter heroes for people to chase” or “nerf, take the heat, keep the game going longer and most people will get over it eventually”, they’re probably making the right long term choice.

That doesn’t mean anyone has to be happy about it, though.


I bought gems for gm and didnt get him

I’ll sue too cause i had no idea i wasnt getting what i paid for over the past 3 years…


Yeah you literally bought gems. That’s it. We all did.

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Not really… I mean, for starters the burden of proof lies with the accusors… so you as the “class action” would need to find/ prove the substance of your case

Secondly, their defence would probably go something along the lines of:

  1. You bought gems & you got gems. what you spent gems on then is on the “chance” at x, y or z.
  2. You agreed to the fact that SGG has the right to make changes to live cards to preserve the balance of the game (see some of my posts above regarding the Terms of Service)

So while it may not be great, & many people may feel outraged & that they are owed something… I personally doubt that:
a) any class action will ever happen… I’m not a lawyer but idk how many would want to take the case beyond taking your money
b) a favourable verdict would be handed down…


2500$. I got her for the costume keys I won for completion of the costume event

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This upcoming balance is truly funny. Telluria is a good character but is she better then Gravemaker? Since I have been playing this game (Evelyn was HOTM) I don’t think a character has caused a change as fast as Telluria. SG is the blame for this mess. Yeah they have beta testers but no one from the company does beta test? Telluria is OP because of a very fast Gravemaker, & fast Vela. You can’t stack red against Telluria because Vela destroys them quick. SG has opened a serious can of worms here and I don’t think it’s gonna fair well for them. Balance they say that’s not an over night fix. S1 needs some real attention along with lots of other heros. if you nerf Telluria then it’s only fair and a must you nerf Gravemaker period.

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Key word was “try” though. Game has no guarantees regarding hero pulls other than you’ll get something, not exactly what you want.

But emblems and resources that people pay outright for (those guys that max emblem heroes seemingly overnight, yikes)

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