Upcoming Balance Changes - Announcement Discussion (May, 2020)

I understood that mainly the top players who have Tell wanted her to be nerved for it is boring for the top alliances. Those are the ones who brought this to the table. Beleave it or not. My son who is level 34 and does not have full maxed teams drew Vela and Tell and was utterly happy. Now … he is not and think that this is punishment. Just give others a buff like JF AND THORNE or balance others to face them. That is balancing .


I was in the pro-no-nerf-needed crowd for Telly, but I don’t mind a balance if it’s not too extreme (please leave minions and regen).

If anything, I’m grateful for the experience needed to take care of any green tanky-type heroes. I’m coming for you now Alby, MN, Heimdall! Now time to dust off my Aegir in case I get a sudden surge of Paladin tokens :smiley:

As it is possible that they ask NERF to Telluria when in reality she only opens the curtain, it is a tank that only turns her eyes to attack her, when the real KILLERS who screw up the game are her companions next door, If you put a Telluria of tank and the remaining 4 heroes are heroes of 5 * classics, the game is somewhat easy, ahhhh! but if you put a tank Telluria and add a Gravedigger and a Companion Vela, uffff! They screw up the game, they must understand that Telluria by itself is a Tank a little above Kunchen or Geneva, but not invincible, the defensive team depends on the entire group, not just Telluria, the advantage we have When attacking that specific team, it is up to the heroes who have one to counteract the hex they throw at you!


Exactly!! Make other heroes stronger keep telly the same. No one I mean no one will complain that theire hero that sucked is now a valid candidate to put in a team.

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So much for spending $$ for resources on heros that are changed. Im not the best but have been taking out tell with 3 reds consistently. Thats my last payment to this game.

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I haven’t seen enough Telly’s in war yet and was looking forward to it :frowning:

I did a post summarizing War Improvements ( War 2.0: Summary of Improvements )

Many people want Field Diversity amongst many other things.

Hopefully this gets heard


People have asked for a trade system for 3 years. Other games, more successful games all have trading systems, or if they don’t they at least have summon guarantees.

It’s one of the other. They have summon guarantees so there is a reasonably obtainable line in the sand between you get any HOTM for X dollar amount. Or you can trade to adjust your team with the shifting meta.

Personally I prefer summon guarantees, because if you don’t summon for X hero but then they end up defining the meta in 2 months they release a different hero that counters them and you can summon for the counter. If there are guarantees then the line becomes do you spend or not.

Then if someone feels a disadvantage the follow up is “so you’re getting beat by players who spend as a player who doesn’t spend, well of course!”

That at least boils down to a simple truth that makes a sense.

But waiting for a counter to the current meta is different than holding your breath hoping they don’t just bait and switch your money.

If other games weren’t already taking 1 of these 2 approaches and weren’t more successful than SG I wouldn’t suggest it, but bottom line other games are taking this approach and the other games are in fact More successful.


Telluria is a great hero and a lot of players are finally excited about a nature hero only for that hero to be changed. What about heroes like Heimdal that’s a very strong hero or Malosi the list can go on . Telluria is strong but not invincible…

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I should be fighting at least 5/6 telluria daily in raid (considering I often fail 3 times). The only thing I learn about her is that I win if the board is agree. That’s the only hero I fail so frequently to defeat.

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realy!!! did u pay back our money for summon this unbalance hero!! ı give a bags of money for take tellura. didnt u play with this hero in beta, what is beta players job!! u cant broke tellura, or give ours moneys and heros and foods, back!!! how can we trust ur heros again, how can we ???


Fully Agree Edd !!! But I don’t think they care at all, they took it money for us and now it’s a big risk they will do again and again after similar situation like with TCat

Learn that red doesn’t work here a easy one I take Guardian Jackal and Joon and with as with everything if the board works I’ll smash Telluria

I request a refund on any heroes I’ve spent money on that are going to have balance changes, this isn’t what I paid for.


No estoy de acuerdo. Disculpen las molestias no. Que nos devuelvan todo lo que hemos empleado en obtenerlo y en subirla entonces. Yo tambien quiero que dagraden entonces a otros héroes que no puedo vencer fácilmente. Égida, enterrador, madre norte… ya puestos cada uno llora por los héroes fuertes que no tiene, no?
Habrá que pensarse lo de seguir invirtiendo dinero en el juego. O incluso dejarlo.

That’s bang on but a lot of players see only Telluria not the heroes next to her. I have Telluria and I do struggle to kill her in war or raids but that doesn’t mean I want the hero changed I would like them to come out with heroes that can counterattack Telluria one of those is Malosi …

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Let’s buff hero’s not nerf. Make season 1 hero’s better. Make Azlar and Khagan usable. I hate that you nerf hero’s right after being purchased, gambled or whatever you wanna call it. This ain’t it E&P, this ain’t it.


Gravemaker has been number 1 for how long. Now 2 come along and topple him and the game nerfs. Be consistent


So, Telly will be nerfed…

Honestly, at least a pretty unlucky decision to wait two months to make this statement.

It’s not just that I have spent a good amount of money to get Telly, I also

  • spent a couple of money for the last tonic
  • finished Grazul (what I never planned before Telly) instead of Tyr to have a counter
  • used all the food and iron packages from PoV to switch emblems to Telly and Vela
  • spent again to get a second counter (Malosi) and finish him over Poseidon
  • spent again and again to get Gravy on Atlantis.

Just to make sure, I don’t have a problem with the decision itself, but the way in between with the release of a counter to Telly and a returning HOTM that’s so super compatible with Telly is more than unlucky. This really smells like you waited with the announcement for Atlantis to end and make sure people will not stop spending.


I guess the poll was pointless more voted no to nerfing Telluria and no to making any changes. Why carter to the ones that don’t have her as a tank. (btw I don’t have her as a tank.) the game just got exciting and competitive having to upgrade heros and counter Telluria tanks and squad of GM/Telluria/Vela. It’s the evolution of the game. Guin/Kunchen/Ursena and Telluria in a year or so another hero would have become more better and become the new tank. When releasing a hero the Devs should not be able to buff or nerf these heroes. The amount of iron/food and mats we use just so they can get nerf is a waste. This is just a waste. It probably won’t matter to yall. But going F2P now, not giving this company any more of my hard earn money.

Dear moderators, it’s at times like this I’m so glad I’m not a mod; many of us appreciate the work you do with the myriad adults and toddlers resident. Here, have a lovely cold beer whilst you do your moddy-type stuff at 100mph on this thread all night long…

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