Upcoming Balance Changes - Announcement Discussion (May, 2020)

Thing is, when it occurred in the past, I dont ever recall an instance when it was so soon after release especially after being nerfed twice in Beta before such.

I won’t Spend Money anymore in this game, it’s not worth it. Sorry but that’s my thought.


i got her from coin pull in the challenge event. I got malosi from costume chamber.

I don’t see why everyone is complaining. Is she hard to beat, yep. I color stack with the 3 5s I have leveled. Knight, khagan, and Elena. Do I get lucky and get decent red gems to hit right off the bat? Sure do. Do I get unlucky with bad boards? Yep, sure do. That’s what makes this game fun and also frustrating at the same time. I’ve literally had cussing matches at my phone during war because I got crap boards. Leave the game as is. Why change it because some people are complaining. If you are not beating her, stack more red heros and pray for a good board.


I am, and I tell you that you are totally wrong in everything you wrote, the moment a company makes a product or service available, it has to be specified and therefore, if you come to purchase the good or service it cannot be depreciated after the acquisition, this is clear in the consumer protection code.
If you buy a good or service draw card, this MUST be specified and right after the purchase, if you have one, can it be modified or changed? Chance to draw a complete car and after being awarded the company can change the complete car to a basic car?

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#BenchTelly for raids thread

Well Sr, it happens to Alberich too some years ago. Hehe. Even I didn’t get him, fell unfortunately

Just for discussion references since apparently this is the first time this has happened :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I know it exists, but are they actually doing it?

Evidently the answer is a resounding no cause here we are.

Lastly, sarcasm.

Making changes after people paid money for it is rather illegal. Plenty of people paid good money to ensure they got Telluria because she’s so strong. So… time to hit those AppStore refund buttons. Glad it’s so easy on Apple.

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I love the game but after you test a product in beta and then adjust it in a negative fashion after you have earned money off the transactions, it is false advertising. I used my coins I earned and PURCHASED items to help me get Telluria and now you go and take away what was promised. I am not a top player and don’t have Gravemaker, etc., and this gave me some hope to compete. I compete against Telluria all the time without her and beat those teams sometimes. I don’t whine about not having Gravemaker, etc. Why not improve a few other heroes if you want to help out? Don’t penalize everyone else. If you do nerf a hero, give some compensation to the player who spent money Or their hard earned coins on what was promised!


They all choose to go after Telluria, it wasn’t forced upon them

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Yes I am Gravemaker is the most wanted character for a reason. If you can’t see what I was saying your problem not mine. My opinion so go troll someone else please & thank you

Lets use the “chance to draw” analogy but elsewhere. Say a raffle.

You purchase a ticket in a raffle. If the company then decides to add to or change the prize pool, you have no grounds to complain… You bought the ticket to the raffle.

Same as you bought gems. Which you then used for a chance at xyz…

The legality of the “loot box” is a whole different topic; the short answer is that it is not illegal…

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Lmao, me also. I was thinking, I didn’t order another Thorne, or Atomos, or 3 Ravnirs or Elena. I won’t complain about KG as he was 2nd on my order list along with Clarissa who I ended up with 3

I posted the links

Look for yourself

Or don’t lol

Don’t really care either way

Personally i dont have telluria , even that i tried to get… however, considering ppl spent so much getting her im against nerfing her. Balance or not she must stay as she is. SG had to think about that before release, now it is to late. Instead get improved regular heroes and maybe add some more caracters for TC20. Game cant be changed rules after start :-1::-1:


Hahaha this is like legal speak, as soon as you use double negatives :rofl:

“I didn’t say it was legal! I said it was not illegal…”

Maybe we should wait for the actual changes on heroes, instead of guessing how they will be eventually be changed?
I think this chat is up for the good suggestions on how to make best changes… ?


and did they lower your alberich power or abilities? It just doesn’t seem fair to me. another hero would have come up. That is just my opinion. and I hope that other powerful heroes that crybabys have will also come down to see if they like it just as well :slight_smile:

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