Upcoming Balance Changes - Announcement Discussion (May, 2020)

Please share your thoughts on our latest announcements about the upcoming balance changes for Telluria & other heroes here!



When we know what those balance changes are and to whom they will apply I am sure we can discuss.Until then it’s just a lot of speculation


When will the list of the changes to other heroes be available? Some heroes like Thorne, Obakan, Margaret and Atomos certainly deserve a buff.


We’re planning to bring the changes to beta soon, hopefully still this week.


Please atomos and margaret, the most wanted


Thank you for your speedy response. I am sure there will be a great debate #nerf/buffTelly


Ahh perfect @Petri, was just about to ask if we could make a general discussion thread for that announcement.

@GelatinousPilot (and anyone else), easiest way to stay on top of that new info is to subscribe to the #beta-beat category.

  1. Click the hashtag: #beta-beat

  2. At the top of the new page, change the alarm looking thing to be “watching” or “watching first post”

Doing that you’ll get notifications when new beta beat threads are made.


I’m glad they are making balance changes. I just wish they had announced this a week ago.

I literally just caved and ascended Telluria and Vela this morning :frowning:


Thorne was actually buffed last year but still…


Thanks @Guvnor , I already am, just didn’t want this thread to explode before people knew what was actually going to happen


It will. Explode I mean.

But that’s the point tho of this thread. Keep all the wild speculation and hopes and dreams and pleading in one place… Hopefully avoid contaminating the rest of the forum :joy::joy::joy:


Telluria gonna be nerfed so bad they’ll call her Tellytubby.


@Petri think is good news that you have listened to the feedback and also most importantly have realized what the current situation will lead to.

Also quite commendable that you tried to introduce green tanks and variety in the game. So while at it adjusting Telluria to continue be strong and provide that variety as alternative to yellow and purple tanks, have a look at Atomos - most probably the worst hero in the game. Adjustments can make him a great hero that together with Telluria and other green options can create a really strong green colour to be an alternative to the yellow/purple.



Thanks for addressing Telluria. She is unique and well designed for a green tank. I also think she is too strong.
There are several other cards that need balanced and I’m excited to hear that they will get some attention. My list would be Atamos, Margaret, Thoth, And Neith.


I’ve mentioned before, she is not unbeatable but she is a bit overwhelming…my biggest issue is the sheer volume of her presence is saturating and made the game boring. I have pretty much stopped raiding and I was once a very prevalent raider…it’s just boring facing the same tank EVERY TIME, with no fun of creating different teams. On top of raids, not only is she now taken over AW, but tourneys too…in a week where yellows are strong…I am facing as many Telluria tanks in raid as Holy tanks. It’s over saturation and I have found myself spending considerably less, and playing other games more.

Whether it’s making Vela hit 3 instead of all or removing Tellurias mana debuff…OR introducing a new hero that balances out the GTV strength, something needs to be done (and you are doing it) to address the issue.

So thank you to all the devs and staff for addressing the issue.


Guvs Miscellaneous PERSONAL SPECULATION on Balance Changes

Some general thoughts on balance changes that I think have value (have sent these out a couple times in various line chats).

I don’t think there will be many “nerfs” but I think there will be a number of buffs…

Prime contenders I think in HotM:

  • telly (nerf) -> Hopefully initially just a reduction in the mana debuff (-24%).
    • Maybe also later (if she still proves OP) some kind of reduction to either minion HP % or the HoT… or just reducing her healing effects to “caster & nearby”
  • Neith -> buff but only small, probably to damage
  • Margaret -> probably get direct damage like kadilen/ LJ costumes
  • Thoth -> would maybe look at increasing damage output. Either by increasing to Hit All or just hoping the %
  • Vela -> reduce the extra damage against on reds… Is wayy outta proportion to the other similar effects in game at 70% bonus.
  • Grimble -> maybe more direct damage.

I don’t think JF will get any buff… I still believe He’s actually quite good… and he’s popular as he currently is (asside from the vocal dissenters)… I think there are a lot of people are still clinging to V1 JF.

I don’t think S1 heroes will get buffs as they are getting costumes… Only real contenders:

  • Khagan, justice, horghall, obakan -> all more damage

Couple event heroes:

  • COD - more damage
  • Boomer - more damage
  • Gobbler - more damage
  • guardian owl - hopefully just stat rebalancing… If the attack and defence stats were reversed he’d be awesome!
  • Jabbar - more damage. Maybe holy buff like boomer
  • Atomos - best thing I could say is make Average speed instead of Slow…
  • Inari - more dodge or direct damage
  • Agwe - more damage. Or perhaps water dot
  • Stonecleave - maybe…
  • Mok-Arr -> personally don’t think he needs much love but maybe add something like a “defence against Holy”

Heroes that a lot of people THINK should get balanced but probably wont:

  • Finley - maybe slightly reduced damage %s
  • Jean Francois - As above
  • Gravemaker - doubt he’ll get a nerf but people can dream :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Sargasso - maybe more direct damage

Edit: yes I did have this prepared earlier :joy::joy::joy:


Dont forget to buff Jean-François. The guy really deserves it


You mean very fast like GM/Clarissa?


When is for sure v30 needs to come out? I gather there’s no particular time, because they can do costume update and other things as v29.x. But Tavern s designated as v30, right? (Oh, it’s 29) Let’s hope they did a nice change to Telluria that doesn’t harm her on offense and that she breezes through beta. Oh yeah, upgrade Margaret too!

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