Upcoming AMA chat with SGG team - Submit questions here

Q1: will you pay all the moderators of this forum monthly, just like any other of your employees?
The moderators working hard running one of your facility so you can get much more money.

Q2. Will you give a real tribute (I mean Money, not a Thank You word) for the guy like Anchor who is also working hard making your product getting bigger and have a big profit?

  1. Will season 2 heroes be placed in the training camp after season 2 is over?

  2. Will season 1 heroes be balanced/buffed? Many of them pale in comparison to the power level of the newer heroes.

  3. If the raids will be going to a p2p (pay to play) model, will there be ways to gain entrance without having to pay? The game already has a high paywall to play competitively to get the new heroes, and it is very disheartening to see these raids locked behind a paywall that only the super rich can afford after doing their normal pulls and budget of pulling for Atlantis/events.

  4. Will there be more of a trend of going pay to win? The recent introduction of emblems in the store (and newly noted raids costing gems) seems to be setting a worrying trend. I was thrilled that that emblems were previously not in the store because it puts everyone on an even playing ground for getting them, but this will eventually lead to an unsustainable gap between payers and non payers.

  5. Will there be a move to support community content creators? They do a huge part in advertising the game, creating knowledge, awareness, and motivation among the E&P crowd. By not embracing those important members in our community, which may lead to them feeling disenfranchised, this is doing damage to the game.


Some way to implement inter-alliance wars and/or raids. Since the social aspect is big in this game for many people, this would be a fun way for alliance members to interact.

I assume you meant “intra-alliance”, not “inter-alliance”, that is to say, raids/wars within the alliance.
If so, then Yes, yes, a million times yes! The playability and fun factor would go up EXPONENTIALLY, with the introduction of a “practice mode” for alliances to use. It would be SO MUCH FUN to be able to fight my alliance members. I’ve been part of a few alliances, and this is always a much desired feature.


Are there any plans to improve alliance recruitment.

For a lot alliance leaders recruitment is turning into a full time job and just looking at other mobile games there are much better ways to do this(search function with filters on level, TP, language, etc for alliance leaders of all players who have a ‘looking for alliance’ flag set for example and a way to private message and invite those players)


LOL usually I am the grammar Nazi! Nice catch…and yes, I did mean wars in the alliance, between members for friendly competition and practice.

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@Kerridoc Question for the group:

1- If the roadmap is indeed Pay 2 Play, Is the ascension materials , heroe’s, etc… Are going to be easy to acquire?

2- After the acquisition I have notice that certain sold items that I accustom to buy have changed… IE: The Loot ticket pack used to come with 5x energy flask and now has change to 1x flask. Why? Is there an intention to put it back? Is there an intention to change all specials drop?

2.1- I have seen very little specials come through… Is this going to change?

The ones I have so far.


  1. Are boards random or not? Are they influenced in any way by the colour composition of a player’s attack team? Does your answer vary in any way between raids, Titans, wars and provinces? Why do opening boards hardly ever come with matches?

  2. Why have you set the drop rates for ascension items where they are? What would make you think a drop rate was too low? What would make you think a drop rate was too high?

  3. Why have you set the drop rates for legendary heroes from summons and TC20 where they are? What would make you think a drop rate was too low? What would make you think a drop rate was too high?

  4. Will summoning at particular times or in a particular manner improve a player’s chances of receiving a 5* hero? If yes, why? If no, how can you be sure?

  5. Why don’t you have a staff member responding to the forum full time?

  6. Do all the SG staff still get their hair cut at the same places they did last year?

Edit: 7. If you could kill any forum contributor (humanely), who would you choose?

Actually, just PM me the answer to #7.

  1. Any chance of choosing a particular hero whose probability of summoning it would be gradually increased after every attempt made?

  2. Would SG team comment on ideas and suggestions once in a while?

  3. Are you planning on adding old Hotms to TC 20 or Elemental Summon Gate?


More things to do waiting times are boring
No flags now what to do ???
I believe there should always be something to do !!!


And loot tickets should work without having to use world energy would make them much more desirable !!! Then people would buy 100 for 10€ !!!


Merge class specific emblems into a global one.
Because most people have multiple heroes of the same class in their regular teams. As an example; I have Rigard, Boril, Gafar on my top list and they are all clerics…

Many good questions here, i have two more to add:

1- any plans to buff lackluster heros? As the game keeps evolving, some heros became a bad choice to level compared to the rest like horghall, Thorne, thoth and others (3,4 and 5*)

2- is there chance of buffing the overall mana charge for average speed and below? Like making them all charge 1 tile faster? The game is moving toward fast and very fast heros

I didn’t want to go into more details, but those are my main thoughts

Thanks for the topic :slight_smile:



  • Have staff ever encouraged anyone to express any opinion on the forum?
  • Has anyone (staff and mods aside) ever been rewarded, financially or otherwise, for participating in the forum in any way?
  • Are there any staff members who participate in the forum without being identified as staff members?

I only have one question…a bit technical though

Trying to find an answer to …


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I would love for them to be asked why the drop rates in both titan chests and elemental chests have almost certainly been nerfed (both to the point that they aren’t even really worth it any more), but even if asked I would not hold out any hope that we would get a straight answer.


There was a thread that discussed dead alliances. The forum seemed split - some saying come up with a mechanism to transfer leadership and some saying that should never be done. Does SG have any thoughts on this? While it is a nuisance to players, does it cause issues for SG servers.


I posted 2 questions above but recalled a very important one that effects many new players.

  1. Are you aware of how many, we’ll call them vacant alliances there are? These alliances have leaders that haven’t been online in months.

  2. Do you haven any plans of regulating these in one way or another as it almost caused me to quit the game thinking silent alliances were normal. Only thorough the forums did i realize all i had been missing.

  3. Do you think it might be a good idea to try to advertise forums more for newer players so they realize a lot of help is just a few clicks away?

Thank you again, BYD


Why would asking questions about what types of questions will be answered get flagged? What is the point of this excercise if what we are asking isn’t even something they are willing to discuss? Anyone who spends any time on this forum knows that the community at large wants all these questions answered (in fact, SG doesn’t really even need to solicit questions, they know what people want to know), but can we at least get some ground rules or something?


Just ask the questions you want answered, that most affect your daily game-play. I am trying to avoid the discussion going into levels of meta-questions or debating proposed questions.

I think it is safe to assume that questions about SGG financials, business model, and other similar proprietary information will not be addressed.


Isn’t it time to rework the craft recipies to balance the use of farmable ingredients?

When will we be able to increase the production rates of our farms, mines, and watch towers?