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Here are some suggestions;

  1. Could some of the old HOTMs be put in TC20 to make the game more interesting for F2P players?

  2. I would like to see more of the HOTMs based on fantastic creatures - griffins, unicorns, goblins, dragons etc. Is this possible?

  3. Would it be possible to limit winning HOTM to one per player? You read too much of people getting 2 or 3 HOTMs in multiple pulls. This means other people are not getting them and leads to frustration.

  4. Would it be possible to lower the price of gems? I don’t mind the RNG concept but a 1000 gems for $100 is very expensive.

  5. Could you please Increase the odds of getting a 5* hero by 1%? The current odds are far too low and lead to a lot of frustration and people gambling too much money.



Behind the scenes

What is the funniest/ quirkiest placeholder graphic you have used in testing?

Have you ever had a fight over original art for the game? If yes, which art and who won?

Which aspect of game play most surprised you when the game first went live?

Is there an aspect of game play that never panned out and just died on the live server?

If you could claim credit for one cool aspect of the game, what is it and which staff member are you stealing the credit from?

What rival MMO game mechanic are you most jealous you did not think of first?

Does the team play any other MMOs as a group?

Is there a single activity, besides game design, that the majority of the group shares?

Game play

The game is heavily slanted towards food - 5* heroes and 4* troops are voracious. Players have resorted to “hoarding” food in training. Are there any plans to add an additional mechanics for food, recruit and iron storage for players not fluent in English or who do not visit the forums to discover these tricks?

Non-linear scaling

This is a cool question. If you want several players can explain it on another topic.

But the fact that you are asking it means tens of thousands of other players are also curious. Some in game explanation would help you and them.


What are you doing to ensure the longevity of Empires and Puzzles?

Have you considered expanding to console/Steam/PC versions or other media?


Are there any plans in decreasing / fixing CPU/GPU (whatever) usage and therefore mobile phone battery life draining?


As the game is getting ‘older’ now, what are your thoughts on keeping it fresh? → Long time players are up and filled with a nice collection of hero’s. New players know they will be needing some time to get the base being build, but will face the fact that it will take a very very long time to close the gap to the top players in hero count.
So this will be putting of new players to start, is there a strategy to make sure game will stay atractive for new players to start playing the game?
New players are needed to keep the game alive, and the basic question is, what are you planning to do to keep it attractive for new players to pick up the game and play for a longer time.

(I hope my question is clear, if not please let me know).


Could you make a test account to test the game if it has the right balance between f2p and whales? Whales = invest a lot of money.

…between f2p and p2w sounds bad or?

I’d like to add a +1 to those who’ve asked about inter-alliance raiding/wars. This has been a very popular request for a long time which surely wouldn’t be all that difficult to implement. It would enrich many players’ favourite aspect to this game–the social aspect–and demonstrate to the community that Small Giant isn’t all about the bottom line (which would be a smart move, business-wise).


Few questions that I didn’t found asked before:

  1. Will there be a building or smth that will allow exchange unwanted 5* hero to a 5* of your choice?

  2. Are some additional tools planned for Alliance Wars that will allow Alliance Leaders to actually command in the battlefield - i.e. ability to lock some opponents so no one can attack them, ability to assign specific targets to specific team members, etc.


Thanks for making this threaad, Kerridoc.

  1. I also would like to see a greater variety of heroes available from tc 20. With new heroes released regularly, it would prevent gradual imbalance to have more at tc 20 too. And it would create excitement and motivation.
  2. Darn shame what happened to Anchor. Would the devs/owners consider paying him? This would be a significant win for them in terms of showing humanity, ‘bridging the gap’ between player base and devs/owners. It would gain loyalty from a lot of people.

I liked multiple posts, that contained my questions.

This one I also would like to add some questions to:

If the answer is no, are you considering to change the rules for the events or how the scoring works?
Maybe make fleeing impossible?
Limit the number of retries on stages?
Let the combo bonus be calculated differently?

I used to like competing in the events and usually made top 100. But since I like to play instead of carpetbomb and flee, in its current format that’s impossible (or at the least very difficult). I am sure some people like how they are now, and I think the patience and performance of the top is admirable, it is just not my idea of fun.


I will also echo the question on getting at least S2 heroes through training camps. Any plans on that eventually?


Since they will choose which question to answer, please give us concrete and tangible answers about that questions.
Not vague or half statements.

That’s all i ask.


Great thread and great questions here. Recently it was pointed out that the epic hero cards have somehow lost a lot of value, except when you start envel game, be it F2P, C2P or a whale those chips will only have value if they are accompanied by a hotm with the low probability that all we know or in some seasonal event, although to be honest few heroes are as incredible as many of challenge events, without walking more by the branches, are you considering the possibility of including epic hero tokens in the invocations of challenge events? It would help many F2P to reach heroes like Halcon [Falcon] or Chakal [Jackal] that are so important.

Another question, I know that the value in relation to the gems of the Vip pass is quite good, but a great incentive for many is the second constructor, it is of great value, many of us have the base to the maximum, you have thought of getting another version of the pass Vip in which instead of a second constructor you can include some other benefit? A priori I can think of something where you can use your iron, maybe a nuggets, some dragon bones, so we give one to the iron, which at least in that case is much more than the ingredients I can get.

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Have you ever considered a possibility of spectating war hits in live mode, or at least watching live attacks on your own def team ?


This! Yes! This thread can now be closed!

  1. Will there be more heroes added to training camps?

  2. Any dates for the upcoming buildings?

  3. Will there be new ways to spend the extra resources and farmable am??

  4. What’s beyond Atlantis ??:smiley:


Can we have a way for alliance members to comunicate with each other as individual?

  • Are you gonna ever add a daily calender with simple rewards even if 5 gems daily?
  • What had happened with Zynga’s deal. Yet not taking over E&P?
  • Are you gonna ever add an OVER ALL hall of fame for the top player in every field such as highest titan hit, longest raid win strick, highest level player …etc!

Just…: Keep up the good work!

I played on the NES, SNES and the PSX but I never tried a mobile game before… but cause of my video game socialization (Zelda, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy etc.) I was fascinated in the moment I saw a small clip of E&P. I tried and now am caught in this beautiful game which does’nt forget to amuse me. The new class system is a well-thought update which I like a lot! Well done!



1 - Do you think if it’s fun an event with 100,000+ people competing to be in the first 100 positions and truly having good prizes for the top player only?

2 - When you going to realize that the player base is not in the same size it was in 2017 and adjust the event rewards to percentages?