Upcoming AMA chat with SGG team - Submit questions here

I would like to watch the battles of my enemies when they attack me. It is available in other games so why not in this game?. I could learn so much from watching it would definitely keep me more interested in this game and allow me to grow. Will it ever be an option?


I am a Newbie, have only been playing since Feb 2019. That being said, there are many times I really wanted to quit due to frustration, from not being able to find answers here or anywhere! But I have played similar games and an am sticking it out. You need a Tutorial setup by Experience Level, answering questions regarding new game options opened at your new Level. I had to HUNT and PECK here to get any answers to questions I had. When you make a new level a tutorial about new things opens to you. SGG you need to rebalance the Missions, 3 gems, 5 gems and such is not enough reward, when it takes at least 30gems to get anything at the store. I like the VIP idea and the Encouragement messages from Admin on Social chat. Can true Training Alliances be marked in some way other then open to all?

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Don’t know if the devs are still reading comments but I’m really encouraged by the “not overly sexual” female characters of late. Athena, Zeline and Natalia are just ridiculous proportion wise. More normal females please. Or give us some overtly scantily clad male models to balance it out. An essentially naked Joon and Jhangir or Richard would be nice. How come no sexy young man is looking over his shoulder and showing us his butt like Kadelyn the elf? Come on, give us a gigalo or two.


Is there any of those to happen?

  1. An option to reward selected alliance members with gems (your own of course) or with recruits.
  2. An option to send message to members as chat wipes important messages very quickly.
  3. Unification or renewal of the artwork - some of the artwork looks like made in a hurry, also the style is different.
  4. Increasing of raid energy the same way as the world energy increases.

When the live chat is going to be and is it going to be public?
It will be nice to listen to the discussion.


The session is not being recorded. The mods will take excellent notes and publish a quasi-transcript.


When the date/time is known will it be announced in the news and update category, in this thread, or both?


Thank you for all the questions, all your input is really appreciated! We are now together with our moderators picking out a shortlist of questions which our lead designer Tim will be answering next week.

Indeed the plan is not to record or broadcast this AMA live, we’ll continue with the format we had the last time with a transcript published here. However, we’ll be definitely looking into hosting another session later this year and we can look into possibly providing either recording or live stream for the community!



I expect any future live feeds of Tim to include appropriate costume


I thought the AMA was going to be held this week? I must have read the earlier post incorrect.

If you’re gonna livestream a future AMA, you better wear a Derrick mask! Keep the mystery alive!


Next week, so we’ll trynto have the transcript up over the weekend.

Petri - Isn’t the the point of an AMA (ie “ask me anything”) where we can ask anything, not just a handpicked list of questions? I realize some answers might be generic or that aren’t shared with the public (ie if someone asks about profit metrics or algorithm details), but if you’re not gonna answer everything, maybe don’t call it an “AMA”.


Can anyone link this? I’m not familiar with a “last time.”

Well, you can ask… :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Very interesting read. That was about 1 month prior to my starting playing this game.

When will you add more things that dont flow? Like getting 1 token per day to level up 40 heros(that are already a nightmare to get and to level up):joy:

Thanks Freak! LOL :+1:t4:

Go through the application process, which just closed a few weeks back and keep your fingers crossed

I’m this discussion as we finalize the questions and chat outline. Thanks to everyone for all the excellent feedback and input. :pray:

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