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I’m an engineer and that’s why I like numbers :wink:

  1. How many accounts were created in the game? (rounded to 1k)
  2. How many active accounts are there now? (active = logging every day)
  3. How many people are finishing challenge events at the rare, epic and legendary level?
  4. How many active alliances are there (involved in wars)?
  5. Do you consider introducing buildings at a level higher than 20, and thus new artefacts and new levels of training in the camp (eg with a chance for heroes from Atlantis)?

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When are we gonna get anything else to build? I’m seriously considering dropping game. After 1 year of nothing more to build is crazy, i like finished with buildings a year ago and on my 2nd year of playing still nuthin new to build. Could y’all at least give us a troop training camp?


I would like to know the answer to that as well… after doing at least 5 pulls at 2600 to 3000 per pull and only getting 3’s and 4’s.

After 181 questions I have 2 for myself lol. First… What is being done to make use if the 20 5* heros I don’t use??? Because off no mats for THAT hero color, hero not useful, or I simply don’t like hero? Maybe a TC 25? Exchange camp… cost 2 5* heros, 500k ham, and 30 gems. 50% chance for Season 1 5* and 35% chance for HOTM, 15% chance for Event hero. I would do it! If you get 2 heros you don’t like or dont need then you can reroll again. 2 days training time like tc20.
Second question… Can the color monster chest give a guarantee 4* item of that color. Dark chest gives dark 4* item. The chest are rare as the element event already AND random. I see no hurt in a guaranteed item.


If the 100% possibility of receiving a new 5 * hero contradicts your policy, then I would like to get the opportunity to retrain or exchange one 5 * hero for a random 5* hero or for a 5* hero of a certain color


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Most questions I wanted to ask are here already, but there is one that really bugs me:

  • in all MMO I played, the endgame farming was set further and further to give players something new to do all the time. In your case I can see the same with the new class emblems. BUT when a new endgame was set, the previous one was made easier to help new players to close the gap with veterans. Here it’s the opposite, non farmable materials are harder and harder to get. Why did you follow this model? Do you really think it will not discourage new players from trying to be competitive?

A couple of other questions:

  • are you aware that there is a mid game with 4 stars heroes and that, with the current drops, it’s likely to last 1 year or more even for P2P? Why do you care only about endgame and 5 stars heroes? Just count the numbers of heroes available and you will realize the disproportion.
  • it seems that heroes and building art is going to a different direction from what was at the beginning. Knowing that the majority of your player base is made of adults, don’t you think it’s a big mistake to make childish characters and lore?

Do you have any plans to add more strategic depth to the game?
What’s your plan for the end game? Just alliance wars?

Idea pitch: how about add a world map where these alliances will be placed and turn alliance wars into a territory control type thing.

Also how about adding even bigger organizations like “Nations” or “Empires” that will function like an alliance for multiple alliances

I would like to know more about the team behind the game!

I wonder how long does an idea/ or a new feature takes to get in the game from the moment the idea is born.
For example how long it took for season 2 or emblems to be made and what was the common steps during the process?
How many hours an avarage hero needs to be developed?
Is there a general guideline of makings a hero’s special, stats, element, class etc? And were there heroes that you had a hard time developing or even dropped/ totally changed?
Which was the most difficult hero you made, in terms of creation?


My question would be: does SG plan to fix war matching?
It’s a constant issue being discussed for month, but still not working for alliances not equal to 30 members.

We could use a building to make troops to feed other troops with. Troops are to hard to come by without spending an insane amount of money on troop pulls.

Balance the crafting ingredients, so that its not just a small handful of items that you use.

Broaden the use of ascension materials that drop from provinces. They could be potential ingredients for crafting emblems, troops or rarer ascension items.

I have played this game for 1 year and 6 months and I feel bit salty that the time spent there was without getting emblems. There for i would very much like a way to use the aboundance of items i have amassed. The prospect of everyone getting the same amount of emblems. Makes me feel like all my time was wasted

My troops would be roughly Lvl 22 if i focused 1 of each color and I am only half way or something to a Lvl 30 troop after playing the game for this long. There for i would like a building to speed things along.

@Petri Is there a particular date or timeframe at which we can look forward to hearing this news?


So, in asking my alliance of their top concerns/requests, we would appreciate the ability to send DMs to individual team members, since not everyone checks the chat. And, also, being able to trade items and heroes within an alliance would be helpful. Especially since some alliance members apparently get a HotM with every summons while others get zero.


We are working on finding a slot in about a week for the AMA. Time will be end-of-workday in Finland, so mid-day in the Western Hemisphere.


Seems I’m running into more and more players, both new and veterans, that have negative feelings about the game.

I feel the player base community is a large contributor to past, present, and future succes of this game. Does SG feel the same way?

Does SG have any intentions and/or ideas on improving it’s current standings with the player base to increase some positivity about the game and strengthen the relationship between the SGG company and it’s customers?

Does SG have any ideas to show their customers that SG cares about the game itself and the enjoyment of the game by the players more than just dollar signs?

The negativity isn’t at a point of killing the game yet, but if it continues to progress then we could definitely see a shorter life span of this game that has come such a long ways and still has a lot of potential to carry forward. Basically, ignore the negativity and we’re looking at another 1 to 2 years. Start trying to fix some of the negativity and we could be looking at another 3 to 5 years. Is this something that has crossed the minds of the Small Giant team?

Will we see more AMA sessions like the one coming up in March? What made the SmallGiant team want to have an AMA session?


I’d like to ask if “easter eggs” like taking down the dragon or ducks, or kicking beach balls and pumpkins have any effect on the gameplay or RNG odds just to see “YES” as an answer and watch the chaos after that…


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Your mileage may vary, depending on how you define ‘the Western Hemisphere’.

Edit: This may be the first time I have been genuinely offended by anything I have read on the forum. Rant over, back to topic.


Because SH17 is one way people use to get around profanity filters meaning the S word for poop.

It’s possible @The_Mad_Banana might have been complaining ironically. I might have read the post the wrong way, but I don’t believe it was totally serious.

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Given the increase in new 5* heroes and the difficulty attaining ascension items through random drops, would you consider increasing the frequency of rare quests (Frostmarch, Morlovia, etc.) to once a week or every 5 days?


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