Upcoming AMA chat with SGG team - Submit questions here

Hello everyone, Our SGG community manager, @Petri, recently told the mods that the developers will be holding an AMA session in early March. This will be a session in Google Hangouts with moderators and SGG staff; as with the last AMA, mods will post a write-up of the meeting. We were asked to poll the community for any ideas, questions, or topics to be discussed on the broadcast. Mods will submit all replies to the dev team, and they will pick which questions to be answered.

Now is your time to be heard!

Thanks everyone.


Which player has spent the most money?

Lol jk

Any plans to look into challenge events and maybe spread the rewards out more among ranked players?

Maybe implement some changes so the same group of players aren’t winning it all over and over?

I’m assuming this thread is just for posting questions. No need to go off on a tangent on why a question is being asked.


For those of us that aren’t whales and have maxed our buildings plus have 6+ maxed war teams we would like to know what the timeframe on new buildings and if we will ever get s2 heroes in tc - many of us will only keep going as long as there is progression which is certainly starting to end for me


why they drop so hard proper 4* items to ascend heroes from chest, titams, wars


Yes, please – let’s not debate the merits of ideas/questions/concerns. I’m almost certain there’s a thread for each of those! This is purely brainstorming. Try to focus on what you really care about – what affects your daily gameplay most.

Also do not debate why SGG is doing the AMA in this format, why they haven’t done one in a year, etc. Stay focused, please!


Topic forum bookmarked (probably not necessary but … ).


Are you happy with the way Monthly events work and was it always your intention that the best way to score high in them is to use massive items and literally try to make only 1 tile move for a single big combo?

  1. How has revenue targets shifted with the partial acquisition? Obviously you aren’t going to tell us specific numbers, but generally how so?

  2. How many developers are working on Empires and Puzzles currently?

  3. What’s SGG’s plan for the next game after E&P

  4. a non-trivial amount of toxicity/angst in the game comes from the severe lack of forum interaction from SGG staff and trying to guess at SGG intentions - are there any plans to increase the interactions that can help minimize those sort of exchanges?

  5. similarly in beta, there is almost no information given from dev team to beta testers on the beta content (goals, what you’re looking for in testing, what are just placeholder data vs what’s roughly real, etc). Are there any plans to give us a bit more information in beta program so we can provide better feedback and not get bogged down with placeholder data or guessing about certain things?

  6. Are there any plans to address the diminishing returns of spending gems on hero summons? When you are a new player, almost any hero adds to the power of your team, but at a certain point, you reach a state where the value of any summon becomes literally “did you get the hotm or new atlantis 5* or not” - it’s very binary. you either get tremendous value, or you get zero value and all you got were a crap ton of expensive feeder heroes. There’s been various ideas in the ideas forum about hero shards or improving the 4 and 5* hero % up as you only pull 3* heroes, etc. Do any of those ideas have legs with the design team? If not, what are your plans to make continuing to spend money worth it to veteran players and become more attractive for small spenders to know their spend will actually provide value?


Kind of a long question because it has many aspects to it, but here it goes. Feel free to skip parts you don’t want to answer should you choose my question.

How does the process of hero creation look behind the scenes? Does the idea come from one person, or is it more of a collective effort each time? Also, what are the factors that determine their stats, speed, damage etc.? What is SGG’s approach in regards to hero buffs/nerfs if they are already in the game?

Also two bonus short ones that are unlikely to be picked :wink:

  1. Are you already brainstorming what comes after Atlantis is complete? Season 3 perhaps?
  2. Is there a possibility that Season 2 heroes ever become available at the Training Camp?

Question :

When we can expect version 20 with wide rebalance of heroes especially remake of Aegir ?

Idea :

Alliance Trading : Like trading materials between people inside alliance with limit like once per week / month ? that cost each side for example 25 diamonds ? So I could trade like 5 hidden blades with 5 warm coat with someone else ? That would be amazing idea and would add more “spice” into game :slight_smile:

So I have 1 trade per month , i do trade 5 blades for 5 coats and both guys loose 25 diamonds for transaction


My one and only question: Can i have Gravemaker?


In your future plans are there any plans to make teamwork /alliance based features?
Currently other than wars and titans there has been very little content that involves working together, whether it be a short term or long term goals?


This. What’s in store for the long standing players other than seeing ever new hotm’s and S2 heros you can’t realistically pin your hopes in getting unless you become a whale?


How many new HOTM are going to be made? Will it be endless supply of new hero or will it be rotated at some point?


Why haven’t the challenge events scaled the rewards to match the expansion of the player base?

When can we expect a bit more of a guarantee for our spend - not absolute like buy a hero direct, but like troop summons, where you get a 3 or 4* troop and that is it, or (GASP) the emblems where I know what I am getting. Or the shard idea - that makes a lot of sense to me.

For a late stage person like I am (and I agree with @Dante2377 on this) the ROI on hero summons is basically zero, and this is coming form a guy who only has S1 heroes and a few HOTM! I can’t imagine being a whale trying to get that one of a kind new hero to improve my roster - how frustrating that must be.


A couple of things come to mind, and I see by the replies that I am not the only one looking for some changes for game enjoyment and longevity.

  1. Challenge events with more scoring categories so lower level players have a chance for some much-needed mats…I feel there are few incentives to compete unless you are willing to spend major $$$$ on gems for continues/energy flasks.

  2. The weekly raid challenges sound fun, but I would like to see entry fees as something besides (or perhaps in addition to) gems…something like leaves, herbs, ham, iron etc.

  3. Some way to implement intra-alliance wars and/or raids. Since the social aspect is big in this game for many people, this would be a fun way for alliance members to interact.


In order to keep making money spending must be encouraged. What ideas have you considered that have been put out there by the veterans of the game that will encourage us to spend money in the game


I promise we’re not being judgmental of whatever questions you want to put. Provided they’re not abusive ad hominem etc., everything stays on the list. I imagine that we will work to develop a summary that combines similar questions.

  1. Are there any plans to build a base in Season 2
  2. Are there any plans to port this game to PC/Mac/Xbox One/PS4 ??

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