Upcoming Alliance Wars


I have read that this is in Beta now but any chance to give us info on how its going to work?

The reason is, I’ve read we’ll need up to 30 characters . is this the case? I’ve been saving my 3* and higher but obviously hard to level all up and some of them I really don’t want to waste resources on…

Info would be helpful and appreciated to be ready


I don’t want to say too much given that things could change, but yes it’s in your best interest to level as many heroes as possible up to 30 heroes. Even if you just get 4s and 5s to 3/60 and 2/60 respectively (i.e. no non-farmable ascension mats) or maxing 3s.


Yes Dantes suggestion is a preparation for AW :laughing:


You will need 30 heroes to do attacks in the Alliance War. Not up to, exactly 30. If you have less you can use lower heroes, or even not use some attacks at all (you get 6 attacks in total).


30 heroes??? I’m not part of Beta but why in the world do you need so many?


I think you have to set up 6 teams for attack and defence, you can only use each hero once for each (not in beta either so might be wrong)


I believe “more shall be revealed”, including what provision is being made (if any) for those who do not have this many heroes.

While AW is in Beta, these are still unknowns, being worked out. It’s why there is a Beta. :wink:


It’s exactly as @MantisToboggan said.

If you don’t have 30 heroes, might as well spare a few 2* heroes from being eaten and use them in the war. You might hurt an opponent hero a little and get 1 or 3 points, instead of tens/hundreds of points when you kill full teams. Not attacking provides no benefit, while attacking with weak team might still get your alliance a few points.

AW didn’t change much (if at all) between now and 3 weeks ago, so not many things will change between now and release either.


I’ve fine with ppl in Beta testing and for that they gain foreknowledge of stuff, but if it requires that many heroes and people could be building them now instead of feeding them maybe it should be mentioned before alliance wars comes out instead of when it does. Just my two cents…


Perhaps we ought to hold onto our conclusions until the final product appears?


It has been mentioned in forums, in Game chats and on line manybtimes. Maybe not “officially” it the word is getting out.
Just like events caused us to reobtain 3*. We all learned and adjusted


Funnily, I told them exactly that in Beta. They chose to not announce it.


Again, can we agree that Alliance Wars are not out of beta yet? Until they are, it seems a little premature to berate SG for not warning players about its mechanics, doesn’t it?


The 30 heroes requirement didn’t change at all during the Beta AW and provides an advantage to those that know about it. (and I’m not berating SG at all)


I’m pleased that you are not berating SG. It does seem a little soon to assume that the final product will match the beta, and to provide advice based on that beta, doesn’t it?


Using this current mechanic, one beta strategy would be to fill empty slots with any heroes you can produce in training camps to act as “decoy” heroes. Any attack that takes out a “decoy” hero is doing zero damage to the “real” hero, letting them survive longer. Sort of like Toth-Amon’s 20% HP, 15% attack minions. Just like the minions, “decoy” heroes can also take out opposing heroes already below 10 HP.

I wonder if there is a damage minimum of 1 HP? something else to investigate.

Picking “decoy” heroes with high defense would also be helpful. Finally a use for all those 4* heroes on my roster I don’t have resources to level yet.

Now I am wondering if you need 6 of each troop, or can the same troop be used on multiple teams?


Same troops can be used.
No point in using decoy heros as tbey would die fast.
The wars are set up like normal raids for the most part. Defense is 5 heros.
Attack is the 30 amd can use defense heroes. You get 6 attacks for a max of 30 heros


At least some info is coming forth, I’m guessing from people who are playing the beta…that’s all I was asking. Please keep the info coming


So for current beta strategy, if you have no 5* heroes, three 4* heroes and 18 3* heroes your 5th attack should just be the lone 3* hero? and you should forfeit your 6th attack?


if you don’t have more than 25 heroes, you can’t attack using the 6th war flag, as it’s currently setup. You could of course train a couple uncommon heroes and throw those in there.

FYI, I plan on writing a primer for AW as it gets closer plus a video from beta (I asked Petri if that’s ok) so that people know what’s going on beforehand and fewer people have to spend the first AW they are in figuring it out.