Upcoming 5* heroes - which skills/ abilities do you want to see?


which skills/abilities should the upcoming 5* heroes have?
Tell me your ideas.

  • I wish a green tank with the ability from Cabin Boy peters, but he should hit 3 enemies.

  • i wish a blue dispeller, which buffs the atack from the allies


I have many ideas but the first skill would be to be trainable from TC20…


How about an ability:

“Any effect it ability that would cause you to loose Mana gives you that much Mana instead”

How about a hero like red hood that has minions but rather than heal give heroes Mana?

Confusion in the ranks randomly moves your oppenets heroes arround fir x turns

A healer counter if some sort like “any time a enemy hero heals they take 50% of the heal as damage instead” last x turns


Wow some nice ideas. I like the healer counter


We have counter attackers which are used quite often.

Why not have counter attack healer that only affects healers.

Most commonly used is a counterattacker with 2 healers in a lot of teams . Counter attacker for attackers great but if you had a counterattack for heals as well it would even out the field a little more.

It could be done as a special which is triggered when mana fills up and whilst this special is active a healer can’t heal himself or others for say 3 to 5 turns even when thier mana is full.


Another hero/special is one I call SPEARHEAD.

He would throw a spear at one hero, When he misses the spear head is empty but when he hits the hero he hits the hero blows up.

4 or 5 star, Slow to average mana fill, 1200 to 1400 healing, 570 attack and 680 defense. Lower for 4* of cause.

He could also have a special that if he misses near by allies gets +25% hp for his lack of achivement and if he hits enemies get -55% hp

Just a thought


I have an idea for the special ability called “Maya curse” or another “curse”.

For 3 turns cursed hero 35% of enemy given damage gives to random hero from the same team.
(the skill works also to enemy’s special skills)

My enemy has 5 heroes: A,B,C,D,E.

Hero B attacks my hero with 300 damage. If it’s cursed, he also attacks me with 300 damage but hero A, C, D or E receives 105 damage (35% of 300).

Each level up gives +5% of returned damage.

  1. status switch team gains all buffs the enemy has and removes theirs

  2. sacrifice heroe with lowest remaining hp… followed by a tornado effects 60% mana and the board reshuffle


Armor of light.
Mana: slow

  • dispell all debuffs of the Hero, dissipables or not

  • the Hero gain an armor with 25% of his max health. (Warning: Doesn’t count as minion, can’t be dispelled or destroyed by Gobblers)

while armor not destroyed:

  • hero immune to further negative effects
  • +95% defense against specials abilities.
  • all offensive special abilities are deflected back to the enemy attacker, effects included with 80% of “initial” attack damage.

Titan: B (titan’s special can be reflected with effects included for free debuff on titan, but easily destroyed by normal attack, can be used as a shield)
Attack: A+ (extremely powerful in raids and war for sure)
Defense: C (can be easily destroyed by board tiles)

Total: A


Someone posted an idea for a Chameleon hero that can adapt to the opponent. I don’t recall what all they put in for levels but I liked the idea. Thought if he/she could change to the direct opposite of the power hero of the opponent then they could have different specials depending on the color they are at the time.



Copy and cast the special of any enemy hero of your choosing.


Lacking any imagination, I want heroes that have the ability of rare titans: to reflect all damage of a specific color.


These heroes would only be interesting in the def team


I’d like to see some game breaking effects.

  1. Change any gem on the board into a diamond and detonate it.

BTW, I think this would be hilarious to see on a defense team. The gem would be chosen at random but otherwise work as described above.

  1. One of these effects chosen at random.
    a. All allies gain 50% mana.
    b. All enemies lose 50% mana.

  2. All enemy Special Skills are countered for 1 turn.

  3. One random hero (ally or enemy) dies.