Up for a Challenge? Advice on Defense Team & Leveling Priority

Hey guys,

I’ve been playing the game for quite some time and I’m now at a point where I believe I have to think about how to set up my defense team and who to prioritize in leveling. Both decisions are probably connected to each other. That’s why I’m asking for your advice, please. :slight_smile:

Below you can see my current hero roster:

They all have 8/8 special skill, except Boril (6/8).

Right now I am working on Vivica. Next up will be Panther, followed by probably Kiril, Jackal and Falcon. But that really depends on my defense team decision.

Let’s start with that question: Who should be in my defense team?

I could make a rainbow all 5* defense team, but I just don’t like Horghall. :confused:
Right now I’m thinking about something like this for my defense team: Kiril/Boldtusk - Panther - Vivica - Alasie - Azlar.
What do you guys think? Any other ideas? I would love to exchange Kiril/Boldtusk with a green 5* shooter like Lianna or Gregorion - but I wasn’t lucky enough… yet. Kashhrek is a good defensive hero as well but I don’t need 3 healers in my team and I see Vivica and Boldtusk/Kiril superior to Kashhrek.

With my defense choices comes my second question: who to ascend (first)?

My current ascension materials are:
3x Damascus Blades
5x Tome of Tactics

1x Telescope // 8x Warm Capes
6x Tonics // 10x Sturdy Shields
3x Rings // 9x Hidden Blades
4x Darts // 12x Orbs of Magic
5x Tabards // 10x Trap Tools

Blue: Definitely going with Alasie once I get 6 Telescopes. So I’m holding on to 4 Capes.
Which 4* blue hero to ascend to tier 4 first? I’m thinking about Kiril, if he makes it into my defense team.

Green: If I happen to get Liana or Greg anytime soon, I’ll definitely ascend them to tier 4 right away. But as of right now, I don’t have them and I don’t see myself spending 6 Tonics on Horghall… I just don’t see any use in him because I still prefer Vivica as a tank and I don’t need another slow character in my defense. So I’ll probably hold on to my green 4* ascension items and will wait for a better 5*.
Once I get 2 more shields, which 4* to ascend? I’m thinking about Hansel and letting Horghall sit at 2/60.

Red: Is Azlar worth tier 4 ascension? If so, I’ll go for him once I have the rings. Still enough blades for a 4* ascension. I’m debating between Boldtusk, Scarlett and Falcon. I’d normally say Boldtusk, but I might already bring Kiril to tier 4. Still worth it?

Yellow: I believe (correct me if I’m wrong), especially as my possible future tank and because of her versatility, Vivica is worth the tier 4 ascension. So I’m holding on to 8 Orbs for her. The other 4 I’m considering for Jackal if no other yellow 4* makes my defense line-up. Li Xiu is just defensive and I already have Vivica for my defense.

Purple: I’ll definitely level Panther to tier 4 as soon as I get the 6th Tabard - a no-brainer. That means I’m holding on to 8 trap tools for her. Once I get 2 more trap tools, who to ascend next from my 4*’s? I’m thinking Tiburtus because of his special. Rigard is good, but I have Vivica with the same special skill already. Merlin would be nice, but who knows whether I’ll get him…

What are your thoughts? I appreciate every advice.


@Anchor You said in stream I should tag you in the post and you might take a look at it. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Got some good names, but there is no focus. You seem to have fed heroes willy-nilly. I will guess that was due to getting six AW teams.

First, get more roster slots open. Buy them.

Do not move Jackal if this is for defense. His fast and strong shot can be replaced. His problem is his special drops an elemental defense debuff which is mostly lost because the AI can’t read.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I acquired most of my heroes just recently and before that I leveled whatever was available/TC 13 gave me. That’s probably why there is not much “focus” yet.

I won’t expand my roster slots yet. I have 10 open slots, that’s enough to level. But I am planning on doing so soon.

The only reason why I plan on leveling Falcon and Jackal rather quick (after my defense team guys) is for titan scores. Jackal will not be in my defense, no worries :smiley:

Jackal and falcon are sidekicks who need a joon or gravemaker respectively to make best use of the elemental debuffs.

The slots will help leveling. Being able to set aside a single color or trainers is a good thing. And defense is a waste. Concentrate on offense. There was a change in how much you can lose of your watchtower holdings. Trophies come and go which is what cup dropping is about.

Yeah I understand how the debuffs work. I always double up on the strong color for each titan so Jackal and Falcon will be of good use for that. I can pair them with Wu and BT/Scarlett respectively.

I’m planning on increasing my slots, but right now I’m saving gems to have some more chances of getting Greg. After that, I’ll increase my slots.

Even when concentrating on offense, I believe my leveling priorities will be the same - what you think?

Blue: Kiril & Alasie
Green: Hansel or Caedmon
Red: Azlar, BT & Falcon
Yellow: Vivica & Jackal
Purple: Panther & Tiburtus

I want those 5 star heroes how can i have them my bigest heroe is 3 star. How can i equip those heroes

Buy gems as p2p (pay to play) player, buy the vip builder as c2p (cheap 2p) or grind your way to ever higher training camps as a free to play player.

I am ID=dicetroll if you use line app.

Or join Troll Akademi alliance

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You mean i have to buy those heroes or

The number one factor in getting those 5* heroes is luck.

Many players are grinders. They build their base, get to a stronghold level 20 and add the training camp 20, and then hope every time the training session ends. They can expect to train about 15 a year. None of those will be event heroes, Atlantis heroes or heroes of the month.

A spending player can get to TC20 faster buying the vip builder package which also gives gems and loot tickets daily. That p2p will not make the TC20 work faster or drop better.

Now the spender visits the gem store to make that first purchase. Just 10000 gems
Best price to gem ratio. Then the gems buy 15 slots to expand roster space. Next the first elemental pull. Odds say it is tough getting 4* and much tougher getting a 5. You buy, feed the unwanted, repeat. This goes on for one color until two 5* heroes with an Anchor grade of B or better drop or eight individual 4*s drop. And, yes, gems will be needed so you spend more.

The base will be working and you, the spender, must farm and build. Your training camps will be working constantly except the one you are pushing to level 11. The game remains a grind even for the luckiest…never stop grinding!!!

While the elemental pulls are going on, and that will be for days, you buy every gem offer that comes along. Gems will always be needed, and many of those offers contain ascension materials you will need.

Every event will require you to pull those heroes, too. And, the Atlantis 30x pull should be made every month going for the previous HOTM.

Luck will determine your spending, and hard work is required to move the heroes along.

And that is just the basics for beginning.

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