Unwanted purchase

Hi guys

Yesterday when I entered into the game I saw a claim banner

Click here to Collect 4800 gem chess

Ofcourse I was very surprised so I tried to click but ofcourse it can’t happen so I clicked and automatically sent cancel request for this mispurchase

I wonder what do you think is the best course of action

Sg doesn’t like to refund but I DidNT buy this chest and sure doesn’t want that

I don’t know what bug happend and created this mess but still I don’t want that and I wonder how can move on in order to achieve this outcome

Thank you

It looks like their policy is that purchases can’t be refunded because they require confirmation before purchasing. That’s posted here:

So if you actually went through with the purchase, I’m not sure they’ll do anything for you.

But I’d suggest contacting Support anyway, since that seems like the only option.

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Thank you for coming back to us and I am sorry to hear about the accidental purchase.

The in-app purchases you make in the game are non-refundable. As Empires & Puzzles is an online multiplayer game, reversing progress or refunding valid purchases would provide you something for free, which wouldn’t be fair to other players. Same rules apply to every player. The game is designed to ensure no accidental purchases are made due to confirmation messages.

If you have any further questions please see our [Refund Policy](https://smallgiant.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003891945-Refund-Pol

I thank you for your understanding on the matter and best of luck in the battles!

I didn’t do anything. It was just there in front of my eyes

What could I do expect click claim?

Anyway I didn’t buy this

If you didn’t actually buy it, then it should be fine. You wouldn’t be charged unless you completed the purchase.

If you made the purchase, then I’m not sure what options you have. I’m just a fellow player, so I don’t have much insight into that, unfortunately.


If you’re on Android check this article:
And this one for reporting unauthorized purchases:

ן dont really know how could that happen and on don’t understand why wouldn’t they refund a mistake big or malicious attack

If I make a purchase that requires money (purchasing gems requires money), it always asks me for a password. Did it give you the 4800 gems? Did it bill an account? If you got gems without paying by entering a password, contact support & tell them they gave you merchandise for free & you want them to take it back. If you entered your password, you knew it was a purchase. Any “mistake” is buyer’s remorse which they don’t cover. :bouquet:

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That works if you have it set up to ask for a password. Some people don’t and purchases are automatically authenticated (big mistake I think). If the purchase was indeed authenticated and went through there is no way for SGG to confirm that it was a “mistake”.

If you haven’t yet, set a password for authenticating purchases (especially if children are involved). You can also set a monthly limit, at least in Google Play.


You can enable purchases without password in Android. It’s not really wise but you can do that.


That is new phone and no password but I didn’t buy it

I never ever bought 4800 gem chest . Especially not day before Atlantis offers…

I don’t know what happend

I just know I entered the game and it waited for me there. Claim for gem chest

At first I thought maybe someone send me a gift or something

What I don’t get is what is their problem here?

Something happens and maybe bug maybe whatever at the same moment I send them the request

Didn’t use it all

So why like this?

They want to take advantage of money gotten wrong fully into their hands

Why would they like it that way??

I’ll try to give you mi advice but please answer this question.

Do you have now 4800 gems more than yesterday?

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So your card was actually charged?



I was charged

Like I bought it

And I got the gems

The weird thing was that it happens when I entered the game

I got banner of claim 4800 gems

Was very surprising

Thank you for the good will to help

I sent details

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Well, the forum community can’t help you more. I’ve already posted links to article about refunds in Google Play and reporting unauthorized purchases to Google.

I have a hope your case will be resolved either by SG or by Google.

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This is a topic that simply needs to be discussed between the OP and customer support. Please make sure your mobile device is password-protected and that purchases theough the Apple/Google systems require comfirmation.

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