Unwanted heroes to ascending materials



i have posted this idea before but i didnt explain it well so i will repost it as requested from some friends.

as there is no way to get a trade market to trade heroes between the players, we cant use the unwanted or duplicated heroes in anything other than feeding them to our other heroes which is a huge waste when it come to 4* and 5* hero that cost alot of gems and time to gain and then saddly its a hero you already got 3 or 4 of him / her

the idea is to have a building or option to exchange the unwanted heroes to its equal AM for example 1 vivica > darts + orb or wukung > orb … azlar > mystic rings + hidden dagger or colen > hidden dagger

i know this idea might trigger the alert of P2W but lets face it the offers comes now and then with AM + gems of the same value of what the offer it self cost so basicly the AM is free to get that way for p2p players.
if my idea applied then those players will have to spend the gems on heroes trying to get that 5* for 1 AM item so it wont be this easy as you think and it will be very costly to get all AM that you need this way.

it will be a way incase you got a 5* hero that you already have you will get at least the AM from it and it wont be waste of money or time incase it was trained from TC20.


Good idea man… I agree 100%


I agree with you on this subject


Good idea i agree :heart_eyes: 100 %


I agree with you, good idea, pls share the link in the group to reach to many people for Vote…


That would be nice. Maybe my sis would stop whining about getting her n-th Skittleskull and (n+1)-th Grimm and not enough mats to ascent at least one copy of either :smiley:


It would be great to do such thing but better to add a new building to manufacture the ascension materials


Loved it brother.
Great call.


This would be most awesome and a great help since they are so stingy with Ama and seems they always give hero’s you already have. I vote yes yes yes


Good idea i agree​:+1::+1::+1:


I agree with you, good idea.


sounds like a terrible idea. your idea basically means that people can buy unlimited acension items by buying heros and converting them to acension items


Excelent idea! I hope they consider it.


if you think we can get unlimited 5* heroes and if you think its easy to get 5* heroes with 1.3% chance then yes you are right


You got my vote!! if they don’t plan on hero trading this would be a great substitute IMO my third joon would be traded in so quick lol


thanks man i was hoping for trade market but as we all know it can turn the game to black market then this option is the only way to use the unwanted 5* heroes that we get


But you can TC20 epic and legendary heroes and feed them into an ascension material machine. This way even FtP players have a way of getting rare ascension mats in a (somewhat) reasonable amount of time.


yeap thats what i wrote on the last line that you wont feel sad cuz you got a hero you already got from TC20 which it dose alot :smiley:


It is good idea .i have 2 Jones


I like this and i hope thats coming true